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Award-Winning Photographer Sabrina Casas, M Photog. CPP (PPA)

Personal Branding

A full personal branding session gives you complete access to work with your photographer on developing a variety of images tailored to your brand while creating the media assets your marketing will need for the next few years.

These types of sessions are a more considerable investment than just a headshot. The additional budget allows you more time and support from your photographer to create full-body shots, half-body shots, and dynamic images, among other options.

If you are a realtor, a consultant, or a coach, or you are launching a business or start-up, then you may want to consider a personal branding photoshoot earlier in your plan to have the images you will need for your website and social media platforms, including Facebook private profile, Facebook business page, and Instagram.

Likewise, any types of traditional marketing as business cards, flyers, brochures, and postcards, will also need good images to go with them and files on an excellent printable resolution that your commercial printer can work with.

Another excellent use for these images is to develop a few email signature templates that you can use when emailing a client, helping you deliver a piece of your marketing with every message to reinforce the professional look of your brand.

Partnering With Your Photographer (for the long term)

One of the key concepts that we welcome our clients to understand is that you need to go beyond just "shopping around" for a photographer and trying to cut corners. Your photography and video are the core of your marketing. Your prospects will often see some marketing from you (digital or traditional) before they even consider calling you. A decision to reach you or not will be made many times, almost purely on your images. Does your photography show you as the professional you are?

Your photography and video are the core of your marketing. Does your photography show you as the professional you are?

In short, once you find a good photographer that you like to work with, stick with them! Your photographer is as essential as your CPA, your business attorney, your payroll provider, etc... It is hard to find good professionals in these areas, but they are crucial to run your business as it grows, and you will be much better creating a good working relationship from the get-go.

As a Master Professional Photographer, Sabrina has the expertise and skills to help you develop your brand image from concept to the assets necessary to convert leads into sales. Sabrina also supports her work with a team of vetted professionals who can help you to maximize the use of your images and whose workflow is already integrated with ours.

If you are already working with a marketing professional, we will gladly join your team as another brainstorming partner providing input as a subject matter expert (SME) in our field.

Makeup & Hair Options

All our personal branding packages include your professional makeup and hair styling, which adds value to your photos and helps create a more polished image. Likewise, the right hair styling will give you an additional boost of confidence when in front of the camera.

You can choose between having your makeup and hair done at the studio before your photoshoot, having the professional MUA meet you at your home, or going to her salon to have the full salon at your disposal.

We partner with some of Katy and Houston's best professional makeup artists (MUAs). Most recently, we are offering exclusive promotions with the very talented Wenny Blackman from Wennexy Beauty Consultant.

Wenny brings, to our team, several years of experience helping women look beautiful and feel confident. Wenny and Sabrina have worked together for several years and know each other well, creating the synergies you need to look your best.

High-Quality Editing & Skin Retouch

Top-notch commercial-grade images will only be completed with the very best editing to make them point-perfect. All our personal branding packages include the best editing in our pricing, as doing anything less won't meet the quality standard we are proud of.

Sabrina has carefully developed a high-quality editing process that keeps you, you. This type of retouching produces natural-looking skin while smoothing minor imperfections. The process created by Sabrina balances how much to remove and how much to leave when walking the fine line between esthetics and beauty with the goal of keeping your natural you.

Sabrina's editing skills are one of the many strengths that she feeds into her creative process and professional self-development. Sabrina is a skilled editor, and while she no longer edits every one of her images in person, she benefited earlier in her career from editing her own images allowing her to decide later on what to keep and what to change in what she does when shooting.

Sabrina has expert-level knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and the most popular plug-ins in the industry. This allows her to directly understand what professional photo retouchers do and direct their work to achieve the exact results she is looking for.

Headshot of an african-american young woman smiling at the camera while fixing her hair.
Professional editing that keeps you, you.

Personal Branding Packages

We offer three options for personal branding sessions providing each a combination of planning detail, time on shoot, location, and number of images that better work for your specific goals. While packages help to simplify the process, Sabrina is always open to customizing and adapting her sessions to whatever creative design you need.

Throughout her career, Sabrina has worked with professionals and artists with very diverse backgrounds and goals, helping them develop branding images in industries so different as real estate, legal, medical, coaching, and authors to aspiring actors, webcasters, and YouTube stars.

The best way to find out more about what specific options would work best for you is through a free phone consultation. Fill in our Booking & Information Form, and we'll contact you back to coordinate an initial call at your convenience.

Planning & Preparation for Your Personal Branding

As with any serious project, the first step on your personal branding starts with good planning, which drives the process and will help us deliver on your expectations. During the initial consultation, we'll cover key questions to help us understand where you are in your journey and your initial expectations. We will also share information about what to expect from the process and when working with other creative professionals.

In the case of large projects, when we need to shoot at one or two different locations, request special permits, bring lots of props or lots of very different outfits, then we may need to have an additional in-person (or on-location) planning session to make sure we nail down all the details and put together a project plan leading to a smooth and productive photoshoot.

Elegant businesswoman on the phone, by the side of a full light window with a downtown background behind.
Personal Branding PLUS

Personal Branding PLUS

When you need the best of the best for your marketing, there is nothing better in the market than our Personal Branding PLUS sessions.

This package includes extended planning support, the option to shoot at your location or multiple locations, multiple outfit changes, professional makeup and hair, up to two hours of shooting time with Sabrina, with the option for an extended session of up to a full day (at project rate), professional editing and 15 final digital images.

Personal Branding FULL

Our most popular package on personal branding, Personal Branding FULL, is often the best option for realtors wanting to give themselves a strong head start over the competition or trying to break into a new market.

Likewise, it's an excellent option for business owners putting together their first serious marketing as they look to reach their target audience.

This package will include planning support, shooting at our studio location, a change of outfit, professional makeup and hair, up to an hour of shooting time with Sabrina, professional editing, and up to 10 final digital images. 

Personal Branding BASE

While this option may look less solid and complete than the two above, it is still an excellent value that keeps the one factor that really makes a difference in your final results—the one that matters: the very best photographer.

You will work with Sabrina for a full hour during your photoshoot. The package also includes pre-planning support to help you choose the best outfit option. And you also have makeup and hair included in the package, besides professional editing in all your images. While this package only includes five (5) final photos, you can purchase additional images at a discounted price.

If you only have room in your initial marketing plan for a few images, you better make them perfect.

If you only have room in your initial marketing plan for a few images, you better make them perfect.

Launching Your Own Business

There are many paths to becoming a business owner, from starting your own from scratch to purchasing a franchise. And in our communities, it is an idea in about half of all adults. Based on this great article from Legal Zoom, about 55% of adults in the US have started at least one business in their lifetime.

That said, there is nothing easy about becoming profitable and sustainable. Selling is always challenging, except when you come from a previous background in that same area. Sales are critical to the survival of any business, but especially for small businesses.

It is about more than just the critical cash flow or short-term/long-term profitability. It is about proof of concept for what you want to sell or do. It is about feeling good about what you are doing and waking up to an exciting day every morning.

Nothing is more disheartening than sitting around waiting for clients to call or come to your business. Most industries operate in a very competitive landscape. If you do nothing, most likely, you will find yourself competing on pricing most of the time, which, if you are not ready for or willing to, it's a sure way to drop off earlier from your business dream.

Two women sorting out paperwork.
About 55% of adults in the US have started at least one business in their lifetime

The Key Pre-Requisite That Can Make or Break Your Business. Credibility.

While a photographer cannot make you money, we can help you establish a key precondition for a successful sale: credibility. Credibility is one of the key factors that take a prospect to give you an opportunity to earn their business.

Most customers will do some research online, or between their friends (and then check you online), before making a purchasing decision on something they haven't purchased before or when looking for a different service or product to what they have used before. That's when your marketing has the best opportunity to grab the attention of ready-to-buy prospects, and that's when professional images can make a massive difference between looking trustworthy or sketchy, looking like a pro vs. an amateur.

And while some businesses can funnel leads into calls or visitors without having to show much face of who the business owner is or how the shop looks like, if you don't have a trustworthy image online, you will always be missing on those clients who go the extra step of researching who you are before calling you.

Those clients, the ones that spend the extra time on researching, are much more ready to make a buying decision on the direction they are going because they have already established some level of trust with your business based on what they saw online. So, these clients are less likely to focus on your pricing only and give you a shot based on the quality of what you want to sell.

Would you do business with someone who doesn't look trustworthy? Would you open the door of your home to someone who doesn't look trustworthy? Would you trust your assets and investments to someone who doesn't look trustworthy?

Would you do business with someone who doesn't look trustworthy? Would you open the door of your home to someone who doesn't look trustworthy? 

Your professional images matter and make a difference in your success, so it's essential to make room in your budget to work with a good professional photographer who can help you.

personal branding session is a great way to get your business started with high-quality images that will support and maximize your ROI in marketing because every impression will help you build your brand and credibility. And in the long term, your sales process will be boosted by that earlier investment in good images.

What makes Sabrina such an excellent professional to help you is that she is all of them: a portrait photographer, a commercial photographer, and a business owner who understand where you come from and where you want to go.

If you want to chat about your business, learn how we can help you, or just make contact with a fellow business owner, please give us a call at 281.665.3868 or just fill in our Information & Booking Form, and we'll contact you to arrange that call at your convenience. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Realtor Headshots & Branding for Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most competitive industries, with relatively low-entry barriers that allow hundreds of people to try it every year and lots of flashy publicity about individuals who become wealthy and rich through real estate. And most recently, the post-pandemic years add to the frenzy with a crazy market where homes sell on days and bidding wars push offers several thousand dollars over the asking price. And, of course, real estate has been one of the oldest and traditional paths to lasting multi-generational wealth and a part of the American dream.

Putting it all together, if you choose to start a career in the industry, you won't be alone, and it won't be easy. What would set you apart?

A real estate career is more like business ownership than anything; you need to put money into it to get money out of it.

Your marketing is vital to boosting your chances of success and speeding up the learning curve by bringing you more opportunities and calls to close into new listings. We have worked over the years with many real estate professionals, and Sabrina's personal branding sessions have helped many realtors create an approachable and trusted image in their marketing.

African-american man dressed elegantly on business suit while  sitting on a park.
Leroy started his real estate career after retiring from his previous job.

The Compass Standard

We are proud to have been selected as part of Compass's network of preferred vendors in the Houston area. The luxury real estate firm has precise standards on what they expect of their team's marketing. Sabrina has the type of expertise and process that can deliver on those expectations, helping new and seasoned agents look their best and upgrade their marketing.

Reviews & More

You can read some of our favorite reviews here, but call us at 281.665.3868 to further discuss your situation. We will happily share some advice and point you in the right direction.

Image of a young latino mean dressed on a suit and casually learning on the wall.
Christian jumped into real estate tapping into his experience as an investor

Video & Beyond

Another important tool on your marketing portfolio is video, with its unique power to convey emotion and storytelling possibilities. While filmmaking is not Sabrina's primary area of expertise, she has already worked on a few projects and regularly produces commercial videos for the real estate industry.

An ideal marketing strategy is to mix casual videos, shot with your phone, together with professional-grade videos that solidify your brand presentation with better production, professional sound, and high-quality soundtracks. Here is where partnering with Sabrina brings an additional tool to your marketing portfolio by having at hand a professional with the skills necessary to create powerful videos.

As for larger and more complex productions, Sabrina will usually refer you to a full-time dedicated filmmaker within her network, providing you with a vetted referral and someone who knows Sabrina's work. Ultimately, you can rely on expanding your creative team by tapping into your established relationships and credibility with Sabrina.

Sabrina also has a good network of graphic designers, commercial printers, web developers, and other creative and marketing professionals.

Personal Branding Pricing

The pricing for personal branding sessions in the Greater Houston area varies greatly depending on the session type, time to work with the photographer, retouching level, and the number of images. When comparing pricing and deciding on what your budget can afford, make sure that you understand what it's included in the specific package or offer you are considering.

The one factor that most likely causes the most considerable price variations is the photographer's experience level. The most experienced and successful photographers, those with an established brand and reputation, will always be on the higher end of the price range, which is fair considering the effort it takes to reach such levels of expertise.

Still, good photographers, even the best there are, are relatively affordable to most people, but their busy schedules make it hard to find them. Most of the best photographers tend to work alone or around a small team of trusted partners and employees. So, researching and booking in advance is always a good idea to ensure you can meet your deadlines.

Sabrina is an Award-Winning Master Photographer with several years of experience in portrait and commercial photography, five stars reviews, and excellent customer service. Besides holding her professional certification with the PPA (the country's largest association of professional photographers), Sabrina is seriously invested in her continuous education.

Sabrina puts her reputation behind every shot and is the photographer who will take your personal branding photos. Our pricing reflects that one important factor at their core.

All our personal branding packages include at least one hour of on-session time with Sabrina, pre-shoot planning support, the best makeup and hair styling for women, the best high-quality retouching, and high-resolution printable files.

With all the above, our pricing is still very competitive starting from $1500 to $3500 and going up from there depending on what else you want to add to boost the results of your own personal branding session.

If you compare the pricing of these types of photography to many other services and products you need when running your business, such as the cost of a good computer, a good website developer, or putting together an LLC with a business attorney, then you will quickly realize that good photographers are reasonably priced within the same logical range.

Add to the above the consideration that your photography is at the core of your marketing and can make a difference in turning potential customers into actual clients. Partnering with a serious photographer who can deliver on their promises makes sense.

As a final thought on this section and something we have already mentioned in previous sections, remember that Sabrina has occasionally made exceptions based on the customer's situation and provided courtesy discounts or other accommodations to help a fellow business owner who needed a hand. We always look to create partnerships for the long term, and it's ok to have an open discussion about what that looks like for you.

Likewise, we offer discounts to veterans, members of the military and their families, police, first responders, and educators, among others. We welcome you to reach us by filling in our Booking & Information Form to get in touch; we'll love to meet you.

More Yet To Read & Learn

Don't stop at this section; if you are interested in learning more about what Sabrina can do for you, please go to the next section on this page of our site to learn about team pictures.

And are you following Sabrina on Instagram yet? Here is another excellent post from her Instagram, just to share:

"One of the most gifted and talented photographers I have ever worked with."

Jean Modica

Five Stars Google Review

"Elegant and Artistic!"

Shea Huser

Five Stars Google Review

"Absolutely exceeded my expectations."

Chris Sanchez

Five Stars Google Review

"What worked best for me was her artistic eye for the perfect shot"

Crystal Perryman

Five Stars Google Review

"A handcrafted experience."

Ben Fossitt

Five Stars Google Review

"Kind, responsive, caring, and passionate about the process."

Lindsay Lewis

Five Stars Google Review

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