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● Show your teamwork

● Perfect for small teams (2-6)

● Powerful marketing

● Empower your people

● Put forward your diversity

● Digital Files (web-ready)

● Printable Files (300 DPI)

● High Quality Retouching

● Adobe Photoshop Workflow

Team Pictures

Large or small, teams and teamwork is at the core of any business and many institutions. When you want to show your clients and the community the strenght of your team and who your company is, then is when you need to the right type of images to capture your team pictures in action doing what they do best, help your clients!

If you think about that, your team shows the culture of your company and a lot about the way you do business. Some industries are more formal and your customers expect to see that on your team, while other industries are more informal and casual by nature. Some companies have lots of young people working for them while others have a variety of diverse people accross the company. The photography will capture all these aspects of your team as we work to create a set of images that you can use in your website, brochures, flyers, ads, etc...

When shooting team pictures is important to consider all the factors that are part of what you want your customers to understand. Images will set expectations and can advance key pieces of information that put forward your strenghts when compared to your competitors.

There are several options for team pictures, from just having everyone posing together looking at the camera to more complex shots capturing the many tasks and activities that your team does as they enter in contact with your client, take orders, deliver products or provide services.

As a commercial and portrait photographer, I can help you with all aspects from branistorming ideas for your marketing to the actual photoshoot including planning and other factors.

If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for you at the studio, please feel free to call or just fill out the form in our Booking & Information page and we will get in contact with you.

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Team Pictures