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Jack Bland

5 Stars Client Review

Professional, Quality, Reasonable, -3 words I'd use to describe Sabrina's work. If you want professional interaction and quality pictures to put you in your best professional light at a reasonable price. Call and schedule a photo shoot you will not be disappointed.

Chanda Miles

5 Stars Client Review

I would highly recommend Sabrina Casa Photography to anyone needing a headshot. Sabrina and Emilio were so professional and Sabrina is an excellent photographer. They knew exactly what my goal was and did much preparation prior to the photo shoot to make sure that it was perfect...and it was. The finished photos were provided to me exactly when they said they would be and were beautiful! I ended up needing some additional photos and Emilio was prompt and responsive. This crew really knows what they are doing! I highly recommend them.

Jessica Jefferies

5 Stars Client Review

Sabrina and her team were so easy to work with. They produced beautiful headshots and were extremely helpful and responsive throughout the whole process. Thank you!

Ben Fossitt

5 Stars Client Review

I had the lovely opportunity of working with both Sabrina Casas and Emilio Castro earlier this month. What I must tell you is that this is a HANDCRAFTED experience. Every step of the way, my needs and expectations were valued and understood. As a professional entertainer in my industry, I needed photos that we're better than just your simple head shot. It's with great pride that I say the duo sure did deliver.

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If you need a faster response, please call right away at 281.665.3868

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We know that filling out a form might feel disappointing but, other than calling us directly, the form is the fastest way to put you and us in contact.


We believe that you and your project deserve the quality time and attention that only a real person can give you.

We do not have an online booking system, because we believe that by speaking with you we can understand much better your situation and find you a perfect spot in Sabrina's busy schedule.

We do not have a price list on this site, because there is much more behind a price than just a number.

Our Promise to You:

We'll honor your time. We'll listen to you. We'll offer you our most honest advice and suggestions, and we will help you complete your booking in the same call; if that's what you want to do.

The clients below are just some of the many who started with the same form you are about to complete.


We'll truly love to hear from you, too.

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