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Tap into the talents and skills of Master Professional Photographer Sabrina Casas, M Photog. CPP (PPA)

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is mainly used for storytelling, focusing on you, who you are, and what you do. Who you work with, where you live, and what you believe in. Because these images are much more personal and sometimes revealing, they can fit a variety of purposes, and Sabrina likes to distinguish them from personal branding photos and pure commercial images.

Yes, from a commercial standpoint, you can use these images to connect more intimately with your target audience as a local influencer or local guide. A role that often fits realtors and is a core concept Compass, the luxury real estate firm, likes to use when developing the branding for their agents.

Image of a woman checking her phone and smiling. She is sitting comfortably on a large sofa in a bright large room.
Compass likes to build its agent's brand using the emotional power that lifestyle photography can bring to the table

Lifestyle Photography Beyond Commercial

However, lifestyle photography can be much more than just a commercial tool. Because of its powerful storytelling and personal connection, you could use these sessions from a journalistic perspective or create a legacy to leave to those you love and who may not know you so much otherwise.

When working with a professional photographer to capture who you are, you are tapping into the creative and artistic talents of the photographer and opening intimately to the artist who will need to understand your beliefs, likes, and dislikes.

Choosing the right photographer is especially important in this case because, like all artists, the photographer needs the creative freedom to bring into their images their understanding and representation of how they see you-art is much more than just commissioning a specific portrait.

Close-up image of an old father or grandfather with a young kid. Both are smiling and having fun.
Lifestyle photography can be much more than just a commercial tool.

Natural Light Photography

While most people will immediately think about parks and open fields when talking about natural light photography. The truth is that working with natural light is as much an exterior opportunity as an interior possibility.

Natural light photography is simple as using the light of a large and bright window to carefully place your subject and create dimension on your portrait by using the lights and shadows available from the window.

The primary source of natural light is the sun, though not the only one. And it's as simple as that. On the other hand, professional photographers with the right experience learn the art of emulating natural light when working in the studio with strobes and other artificial light sources.

The above distinction made natural light can be gorgeous and work well for various purposes in photography.

Image of a woman with long blond hair and a friendly smile, wearing a nice green dress.
Natural light can be gorgeous and work well for various purposes in photography.

Outdoor Photos

The opportunities provided for outdoor photos are as diverse as the many settings we can find around the city. Houston is a vibrant urban environment with new and classic architecture, traditional homes and historic landmarks, and many parks, lakes, and malls.

Choosing the right outdoor setting has a lot to do with your project type and goals. Whether a personal photoshoot or a business portrait, planning is critical to maximizing the opportunities and results of the photoshoot.

One factor to consider when looking for a set of outdoor photos is that these environments are "uncontrolled," meaning multiple external factors can impact the job, including weather, other people, allergens, and events around the city. And that's why it's always important to keep some flexibility in our shooting plan and work well in advance of any deadlines.

Image of a young woman, brunette, with long hair leaning against a wall and smiling.
Outdoor photos are perfect for creating a candid and fresh look.


We have covered a lot of ground on the above sections on this page. Still, much more can be done on portrait photography, and while Sabrina tries to stick to her projects and favorite areas of work, please feel free to reach us if there is something you are considering but haven't seen so far on our site.

Remember that if you were looking for information on Wedding Anniversary Sessions, you need to head to a completely different page on our site as we extensively cover these sessions.

Likewise, if you are looking for anything related to Sabrina's commercial work, including her outstanding architectural images for the Luxury Real Estate Industry, you also need to head in a different direction.

Senior Pictures

One specific area of work that we haven't covered in detail but that Sabrina does shoot regularly is Senior Pictures. These are fun and short projects that Sabrina enjoys as they bring an opportunity to learn more about your family.

A teenage girl is picking flowers from a large bush.
Outdoor photography is excellent for a Senior Pictures photoshoot.

Many clients who have worked with Sabrina before and know her quality and creative focus ask Sabrina for help with the senior photos for their children.

A blond teenage girl in a lovely white dress sits by the fence with her small dog pet.
As an important part of the family, pets are a great addition to your photoshoot.

As a final thought, in these days of so much and intense social media "living" with children feeling compare not only to their high school pairs but to the whole world of other teens and influencers, now is when it is more important than ever to show to our teenage children that we care for them. The senior photoshoot is the right opportunity to keep the focus on them and make your teen feel understood and appreciated.

Ultimately, you want beautiful images of your high schooler to display in your home proudly. So, they can see every day at home that you put them in an important and visible position.

It shouldn't be necessary to "have to" show our children how proud we are of everything they are, but teens may feel forgotten in the never-ending sea of social media posts. The stress of always busy schedules, theirs and ours doesn't help either.

Likewise, one of the consequences of post-pandemic remote working is that the distinction between work and private life has become much more blurred, and in that blur, our teens may feel lost. Photos of them around the home help to remind them how much we care.

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"What worked best for me was her artistic eye for the perfect shot"

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"Kind, responsive, caring, and passionate about the process."

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