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Team Pictures

Large or small, teams and teamwork are at the core of any business and many institutions. When you want to show your clients and the community the strength of your team and who your company is, there is nothing better than a few candid shots of the group.

If you think about that, your team shows the culture of your company and a lot about how you do business. Some industries are formal; your customers expect to see that on your team, while others are more informal and casual.

Some companies have mostly young people working for them, while others have a diverse workforce. The photography will capture all these aspects of your team as we create a set of images you can use in your website, brochures, flyers, and internally to help with team building.

When shooting team pictures is vital to consider all the factors that are part of what you want your customers to understand. Images will set expectations and can advance critical pieces of information that put forward your strengths compared to your competitors.

There are several options for team pictures, from just having everyone posing together and looking at the camera to more complex shots capturing the many tasks and activities that your team does as they contact your client, take orders, deliver products or deliver products or provide services.

As a commercial and portrait photographer, Sabrina can help you with all aspects of the creative process to create these beautiful images, from brainstorming to the actual photoshoot, including planning and other factors.

A team of three professionals working together in front of a laptop computer
Team pictures show the culture of your company

Small Teams. Team Photos.

We call a small team a group of between two to maybe eight to ten individuals who work together in the same office. We can accommodate these groups in our studio location or shoot at your location, providing plenty of opportunities for candid team photos.

During the planning stage, we'll cover points regarding what type of outfit and colors to choose and the role of everyone on the team. Sometimes these will drive to shoot smaller groups of people working together, as it would happen when the team is in action.

Two young men working together with a laptop
Candid photos of your team in action tell a lot about working for and with your company.

The possibility of shooting on location provides additional context for your branding when showing the team together. We'll carefully choose where to place every one to help tell a dynamic story with your images.

The importance of team photos cannot be understated, and while it's always a bit complex to bring everyone together, that's precisely why these photos make such a difference for your clients as for the team itself. It takes dedication and caring about the team to create these images, and everyone will have to do their part to make the picture work, which is a small team-building exercise in itself.

A group of 8 realtors, men, and women, with three persons sitting in the front and the rest standing behind while posing as a team in the kitchen of a luxury home.
Realtors often work on teams to complement their strengths.

Large Teams. Team Pictures.

Large companies will have larger teams at the heart of what the company does. The logistics and preparations for those types of shots are very different and require much more careful consideration of the shooting location and how light, colors, and the overall space works for the composition of your shot.

Many times, photographers will need to use some platform or elevation to take a shot that works for the moment. As part of our process and experience, we cover specific points during planning and execution to ensure the safety of our team and yours.

A large team of over 100 people at a warehouse during inauguration day.
Photographers may need some type of platform or elevation to take a shot that works for the moment.

Headshots & Team Pictures

A very usual combination for these types of photoshoots is to include a bundle of team photos and individual headshots for the team members, which helps to further build the organization's brand.

Depending on the organization, it could also make more sense to have headshots without a team picture, which is perfectly reasonable. In that case, our planning focuses on ensuring consistency between the images to help you create a clean, professional look on your website when putting all photos together.

Achieving consistency between headshots is much more than just using the same lighting or coordinating the right outfit colors.

Cover image for a presentation featuring the headshots of a group of employees.
Individual headshots with a consistent look for the team are also great assets for any organization.

Team Photos Pricing

The best way to obtain an accurate quote for either of these shoots is to have a quick over-the-phone consultation to cover the information necessary. Please fill in our Booking & Information Form to have us contact you and arrange a call at a time of your convenience.

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