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Master Professional Photographer Sabrina Casas, M Photog. CPP (PPA)

Why High-Quality Headshots

These days more than ever, a headshot is a core part of everyone's professional branding. Across all industries, people work and collaborate online more than ever before. That is, in part, a lasting and staying consequence of the post-pandemic modern professional work environment. But the pandemic just accelerated what was already a trending pattern in large and small companies alike, working across the country or internationally to reach coworkers, clients, or vendors.

A good headshot is a critical investment in your career and, along your career path, will show your professional development over time. Aiming for the type of quality photography that creates memorable images true to who you are is essential. You will use your new headshot every day and with almost everyone you work with. And you won't be there in the room when your headshot reaches all these people. Is your headshot something you are proud of?

Attention To Detail

How many times have you read in job descriptions that "attention to detail" is one of the top skills looked for by employers? It is enough to check LinkedIn, Indeed, or any other job board to realize those two words are everywhere.

Your headshot and profile picture is one of the very first pieces of personal and professional branding that a recruiter or headhunter will see. Likewise, it goes together with all your invitations to connect, besides every comment you make in a post or any post you share with your network.

You heard it: "An image says more than a thousand words." And your headshot tells it all. Did you care to create a good quality image, working with a good photographer, or was it just a cheap, check-the-box type of photo?

Headshot of a young professional woman, with long blond hair, and dressed on a white
An image says more than a thousand words

Choosing The Top & The Best Photographers

There are many good photographers out there and many other options, too... At Sabrina's Photography Studios, we focus on quality, personalized service, tailored sessions, high-quality post-production editing, and a process from planning to delivery that creates the strong and premium images you deserve and need for your career.

Because every person is different, and every face is as unique as every one of us, it really takes a specialized set of skills and an experienced photographer to understand how to pose you to look your best. Coaching is a skill honed over time and repetition, and then sustained and nurtured by Sabrina's approach to continuous improvement to loop lessons learned from one shoot into the next. That's what a truly exceptional professional is about.

"Amateurs train hard to get that one perfect shot; professionals train hard so they never miss a shot."

One of the many strengths that Sabrina brings to the table is her continuous education and eagerness to keep up with the latest trends in photography. Photography is an ever-evolving industry with new technologies advancing possibilities every year, from Artificial Intelligence to new cameras, gears, and gigantic leaps in editing software capabilities.

Sabrina is a member of several professional associations, including the PPA, PPGH, and TPPA. She holds her professional certification, CPP, with PPA and achieved the prestigious degree of Master of Photography with this institution, too.

Finally, but no less, Sabrina is an award-winning photographer at photographic competitions of all levels, from Houston to the renowned International Photographic Competition.

Most recently, Sabrina was awarded the top honor at the PPGH as the Houston Best Photographer of the Year 2023 in the Active Category, which is a major distinction in one of the nation's most competitive and large metro areas. Photographers have highly coveted the award since its first edition in 1979. It requires top-notch skills and the endurance to participate for the whole year producing set after set of high-rated images.

Several photographic award tokens given to Sabrina Casas during 2022
Houston Best Photographer of the Year 2023 in the Active Category

The Headshot Session. What to Expect.

We offer three base packages for your headshots, each provides a few different options depending on the duration of the session and the number of images included with your package, but all of them are with the same, award-winning photographer, Sabrina Casas, M Photog, CPP (PPA). So, the most critical part of the whole process (the photographer) will always be the same regardless of your chosen option, guaranteeing the best results.

The whole process starts with a quick consultation over the phone to understand what you are looking for and what was your previous experience with these types of photography and then help you choose a base package that fits what you need before looking at scheduling.

We will also discuss planning, from outfit options and makeup and hair to the selection process for your final images and delivery of the digital files.

Sabrina is proud to have many five-star reviews at Google and takes your business very seriously. Here are three of our favorite reviews and a brief story of how we got to know these fabulous clients.

"My picture was on par with that of the president and the CIO"

Professional Headshots Packages

Having a few pre-selected packages helps keep things simple, and that's why we have three standard, or base, packages you can choose from: Headshots For Success, Pro Headshots, and Quick Headshots.

Of course, we can always work with you and be creative to help you achieve a specific result. The ability to think out of the box is one of Sabrina's strengths that comes from her diverse experience as a photographer who works not only in portrait photography but also in the commercial field.

Headshots For Success

This session is the most complete and longer of all three, providing more extended time to work with Sabrina in the studio and much more customized input on the planning stage previous to the session.

The Headshots For Success is an excellent choice for those starting their marketing for the first time but who do not want to invest in a full personal branding session. Most people who choose this session are entrepreneurs, independent professionals, consultants, anyone in the personal or business coaching industry, and many realtors.

Pro Headshots

The Pro Headshots session is the most popular of all our packages providing a good mix of time on session with Sabrina, planning feedback, and a very competitive entry point from the pricing side, with the option to tap into a couple of limited promotions, including one for makeup and hair with one of the best makeup and hair stylists in town.

Because of the high demand for these types of sessions, you must be ready to decide when calling to tap into the promotions.

The Pro Headshots session suits all professionals looking to upgrade their networking, business branding, career options and those working remotely or online.

These days, with so many companies sticking with hybrid work schedules, your headshot will be seen by your coworkers more than the actual you. So, investing in a headshot that goes well with where you want your career to go is smart.

Quick Headshots

As the name of this session suggests, the emphasis here is on speed. The Quick Headshots session is exactly what you need when rushing to meet a deadline.

It is a fast, short, simple option that offers digital images delivered on the same day and on your hands. You can take the photos with you in our nice flash drive (included with the session) or have them delivered by Dropbox (no need to create an account).

Note that same-day delivery does not mean a walk-in policy. Like many busy professionals, good photographers are in high demand, and sometimes you may need to wait up to a couple of weeks to fit into Sabrina's schedule.

Pricing & Quality

As in many other industries, photographers are priced based on experience and skill level. Good photographers aren't expensive but are well paid, as is fair with any professional who excels in their field.

The best way to get an exact quote for what you are looking for is to fill in our online booking application and then have a consultation over the phone with our studio manager to discuss the specific details. It only takes about 30 minutes; we will listen and won't push you to purchase anything. It is really just a consultation and a good chat with us as experts in our field and with you as a member of the same community where we live.

That said, we understand that everyone's situation is different. Sabrina has occasionally made exceptions and provided courtesy discounts or entirely shot for free because of the client's circumstances.

Sabrina wants to make her photography affordable to as many people as possible while respecting the effort, time, and hard work put in for all good photographers to make a living while keeping up with their education and investment in constantly evolving new technology and trends. It is hard to be a photographer, it is harder to be a good photographer, and it is harder yet to make a living from it.

We also want to give back to the community with our skills and talents. We offer discounts and promotions to those who have served in our country's defense and security as veterans, members of the military, police, and firefighters and their families, among others.

We also greatly appreciate the role of educators in the present and future of the communities we live in and want to make our work affordable for them. So they can also enjoy the best quality we can offer.

Because your circumstances are as unique as you, please schedule a consultation, and let's chat about what you are looking for. It is a good idea to reach a few photographers and chat with them, but focus on more than just the pricing when doing so. Your headshot is an essential part of how you are seen professionally. You are right to choose a photographer you feel comfortable working with and whose work delivers on their promises.

Image of a young women, dressed on white.
Explore Your Options. Let's Talk!

Headshots & More

In this section, we have covered a lot about professional headshots, but there is more to learn if you are okay with keeping reading. Scroll down to the next section to learn about Executive Headshots or skip ahead to dive into Personal Branding Sessions, or schedule a consultation and speed up your research with a good conversation with us.

And are you following Sabrina on Instagram? Instagram is the best way to stay in touch with a great photographer and learn about the latest news on her work, speaking events, and education opportunities.

"One of the most gifted and talented photographers I have ever worked with."

Jean Modica

Five Stars Google Review

"Elegant and Artistic!"

Shea Huser

Five Stars Google Review

"Absolutely exceeded my expectations."

Chris Sanchez

Five Stars Google Review

"What worked best for me was her artistic eye for the perfect shot"

Crystal Perryman

Five Stars Google Review

"A handcrafted experience."

Ben Fossitt

Five Stars Google Review

"Kind, responsive, caring, and passionate about the process."

Lindsay Lewis

Five Stars Google Review

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