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Tap into the talents and skills of Master Professional Photographer Sabrina Casas, M Photog. CPP (PPA)

The Executive Headshot

One of the most dynamic aspects of our economy is the vibrant and innovative business environment that continuously evolves the landscape of opportunities for the public and the companies operating in our modern economy.

And a core part of any business, large or small, is the leadership team in charge of setting the direction, executing the business strategy, and inspiring their stakeholders, including investors, clients, employees, and vendors alike, to believe in their visions and capacity to bring their business to success.

The business portrait of a modern business executive must capture the personality and synergies these people bring to their organizations; and their vision.

All leadership positions have a considerable deal of public visibility. At any time and at any point, a situation may put executives in the spotlight of the whole community, the country, and even the world. Are you C-team headshots up to the occasion?

As a professional photographer with extensive experience, Sabrina brings to the table her strengths in capturing the correct body language and expressions that will strike the perfect balance to capture not just an image but also the message; the vision.

Sabrina's dedicated sessions for top executives include a pre-shoot interview to set the goals for the session, discuss outfit options and their impact on the message, and look at the creative possibilities to capture unique images tailored to the moment, the plan, and the vision.

Also, with more and more women joining the growing leadership community of exclusive C-level executives, it is now more important than ever to work with a photographer who is also a businesswoman and a groundbreaking leader in her field.

Executive Headshots

On Location Services

We'll travel to you wherever you are within the United States and to some limited international destinations. While Sabrina is based in Katy, Texas, at the doorsteps of Houston, she can meet your leadership team where more convenient for their busy work schedules or to capture a specific occasion with a creative moment.

Sabrina offers dedicated and exclusive sessions in the studio or at your company location; depending on what you are looking for, she would suggest one option or the other, considering what works better.

These types of photoshoots are very tailored and personalized, and therefore we do not offer a set of pre-established packages, but we can build from a few base concepts up to what better is necessary.

"Sabrina provides excellent photos and advisement throughout the entire process, with a professional eye not just for the photography but also for incorporation into marketing and social media strategy. Sabrina and Emilio were great to work with, communicating throughout the process for planning."

More On Headshots

If you still need to read it, our previous section is fully dedicated to explaining Sabrina's process and pricing for professional headshots, now is the time to read that information to gain a complete understanding of our process. (READ MORE)

"One of the most gifted and talented photographers I have ever worked with."

Jean Modica

Five Stars Google Review

"Elegant and Artistic!"

Shea Huser

Five Stars Google Review

"Absolutely exceeded my expectations."

Chris Sanchez

Five Stars Google Review

"What worked best for me was her artistic eye for the perfect shot"

Crystal Perryman

Five Stars Google Review

"A handcrafted experience."

Ben Fossitt

Five Stars Google Review

"Kind, responsive, caring, and passionate about the process."

Lindsay Lewis

Five Stars Google Review

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