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Professional Photography

● Create Emotion
● Connect Naturally
● Look Approachable
● Complete Personal Branding
● Makeup & Hair (Optional)
● Digital Files (web-ready)
● Printable Files (300 DPI)
● High Quality Retouching
● Adobe Photoshop Workflow

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Personal Branding

Lifestyle photography provides original images for your marketing and personal branding. These images can come from a variety of settings and scenarios including outdoor and interior scenarios. What is really important is to define what type of lifestyle you want to connect with, and then plan the photoshoot based on who you are and who you want to work with.

Planning is key to keep you true to your day-to-day and be sure that your images connect with the audience you want to reach.

A point to keep in mind is to see your business portrait as the investment on your marketing that this type of shots are. You will have a ROI (Return on Investment) over the three to five years period between now and your next business portrait. Whatever budget you have set apart for your marketing, it should account for your personal branding.

Another key consideration is to look for a set of images instead of one single headshot. I offer both options: a quick and simple headshot or a fully dedicated Personal Branding Session. And there are options in between, too. The right session for you depends on a few factors including how comfortable you feel in front of a camera and what media and channels you usually target to reach your audience.

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Ben F. (PBP Caster). 2021 Five Stars Review.

A word from our Clients

I had the lovely opportunity of working with both Sabrina Casas and Emilio Castro earlier this month. What I must tell you is that this is a HANDCRAFTED experience.

Every step of the way, my needs and expectations were valued and understood.

As a professional entertainer in my industry, I needed photos that we're better than just your simple head shot.

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