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Michele's Review (Corporate Headshots)

Enjoy this nice review from Michele to learn how we helped their C-level team with new headshots. You can read the original review in Google.

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Professional Photography Part I

This is the first on a quick series of articles about professional photography and the wonderful work of Sabrina Casas, CPP (PPA) here at Sabrina Casas Photography Studios. Read on!

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Issue #013


Ricardo's Review (Pro Headshots)

Check the review from Ricardo about his new headshots with Sabrina. You can read the original review in Google.

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Environmental Portraits


Emilio Castro

Studio Manager & Business Owner. Texas Entrepreneur. Drone Pilot. Fantasy Author.


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Issue #015

One of the main reasons to prepare your marketing budget aiming for a set of images instead of a single headshot is based on the same fundamentals that make you switch attire as you move around your life. You do not go to work with the same clothes that you go to the gym. You do not attend a family gathering dressed as if you were to a first job interview.


Our social networks are built upon the mix of relationships our life is made of and therefore social media follows.

Everyone of us mix some friends from work or clients with our personal Facebook or Twitter. Your personal branding, the images that represent you as your avatar in the digital world, need to adapt to the media and network where they are on use.

You want to look good when interacting in Facebook and other social media but using the formal headshot from the corporate office in your personal social media is not exactly the way to fit in...

The solution is a good and nice natural light portrait shot on a casual or business casual attire.


Having a set of images for your personal marketing allows you to adapt your image to the feeling you believe fits best for the networks you are part of. Moreover having a couple of headshots with different backdrops and attires allows you to renew and refresh your corporate headshots in your company directory.  All of which makes others realize you are not just forward-thinking but well prepared.

On regards of environmental portraits, these are richer images to introduce the area of your expertise to your audience of potential clients and employers. On these types of portraits we aim to show you in the context of your work environment, be that an office, an airplane cockpit or an offshore platform.

You will be usually dressed on your work clothes and we will be shooting at your location. All of which adds complexity to the planning and execution of these portraits.

We will usually have a preparation planning session with you a few weeks before the actual shoot and brainstorm on what message you want to send and where you are planning to use the images.

Because of the extra effort and additional budget required for these shots they are a very strong asset on your marketing which your competitors will not easily match. If you want more information please give call to studio at 281.665.3868 or just fill out our contact form right here: Booking and Information.

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Environmental Portraits What They Are and Why They Are Important

I have already mentioned before that it is a good idea to aim for a set of images when working on your personal branding and also mentioned briefly what an environmental portrait is but on this section of my web page I will expand on both.