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Emilio Castro

In my role at the studio, as the Studio Manager, I take pride in keeping the logistics of our work running smoothly for our clients from first contact to delivery. I like to think that our customer service is second to none.

Of course, having been married to Sabrina for over +25 years, I truly enjoy her every achievement as she creates beautiful work for our clients and her own projects.

I have a background in Accounting & Business Management and have worked in the Oil & Gas industry for over 17 years leading supply chain teams in international and domestic markets. I achieved the Lean Bronze Certification during my time at Halliburton and later discovered the benefit of Scrum and Agile Project Management when working for BP. I am a fan of continuous improvement and enjoy leading diverse teams of every kind while working for those large companies.

I'm also a self-taught web developer and coder, a Certified Remote Pilot (I fly our drones), and a self-published fantasy author, among many other small feats and accidents.



Website Updates

At Sabrina Casas Photography Studios, we always try to improve our process and innovate. Part of that has to do with our website and online presence. We try to make this site easy to use, informative, and functional. If anything is not working, please get in touch with us using our Booking & Information Form to report the issue. We'll very much appreciate your help and feedback.



06/12/2023 Major Update

The 6/12 is one of our major updates for 2023, including a new Home Page, new Menu, and our first Main Page: "Studio Photography"

Home Page

The new home page has a new header showcasing the beautiful photography from Sabrina and a new rotating banner. The home page is now oriented to provide you with an overview of what our site is about. At this time, it also includes lots of information about our following updates and plans for the website as we continue developing our new site.

Screenshot of the new home page for Sabrina Casas Photography Studios
Here is a screenshot of our new home page

We have also included a summary section for the whole page as you scroll down with a clickable menu to bring you straight to the information you are looking for.

Screenshot of our website showing the summary section for the home page
New summary section for each main page and the home page

New Menu

The new menu now provides a clear view of our website content and organization at a glance, allowing more straightforward navigation than ever.

Screenshot of the new menu for our website
New menu with a clear view of our website structure and content

At this time, we are only deploying one of our main content pages, Studio Photography. All other main pages are in development, but you can still find information about our work in those areas. Some menu sections are greyed-out because they still need to be developed. If there is any question that needs to be covered, please feel free to reach us to chat over the phone.

Screenshot of our menu zoomed-in to show a specific option that is not available to use, yet.
Zoom-in screenshot of our menu, showing an option greyed out because it is not yet available to the public

Main Page: Studio Photography

We are reorganizing our website around five main pages: About Sabrina, Studio Photography, Wedding Anniversary (Pictures), Commercial & More, and Contact Us. At this time, we are happy to deploy live the very first of these extensive and comprehensive pages.

The Studio Photography page features information about our professional headshots, executive headshots, personal branding, team pictures, and lifestyle/outdoor photography.

Screenshot of one of our main pages for our website.
Screenshot of one of our main pages for the website. This main page belongs to "Studio Photography."

The information on our main pages is offered in a continuous scroll format and a pagination/section version. Our main pages also feature a functional "Page Contents" permanent aid at the bottom of the screen to help you navigate back and forth as necessary.

Screenshot with a highlight of the navigation aid available
This convenient navigation aid can be found at the bottom of the screen on each of our main pages
Screenshot showing the Page Contents navigation aid
Another view of the Page Contents navigation aid, this time, unfolded.

Of course, if you are looking for just the bullet point version, you can always click on the "Quick Summary" buttons by the header of every section to save the reading if that's not your thing.

Screenshot with a highlight showing the location of the Quick Summary button in our website
Short on time? Try the "Quick Summary" button for a distilled, bullet-point version of the specific service.

The Chat Button Is Back. Let's Chat!

Another improvement we are rolling with this update is the return of the Chat button to most of our pages. Feel free to use that option for a quick reach if that is easier for you.

Screenshot showing the location of the chat button in our website.
The chat option is back on most of our pages.

More To Follow

As we progress with new developments, we'll deploy them to the website and share a few updates on this page. Feel free to subscribe to our Newsletter to receive updates as we post new updates.

Cover image showing a women working in a project.

Website Updates

by Emilio Castro

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