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Commercial Photography

There are two important points I want to share with you from a small business to another:

(1) You do not need to spend a lot of money into your marketing but you do need to spend some money every year (from a few hundred to a few thousands).

Your media (photos and video) is the core of your marketing. It is much better to make a few well-targeted impressions aimed at the core of your market than many poor and cheap impressions going to the wrong audience.

That is the reason why you need a professional photographer as much as you need a good sales team. A commercial photographer will help you understand the possibilities to produce great photos and video that will get the job done and will help you boost your sales and improve your conversion rate. 

I have a large collection of my own local stock photography from Katy, Fulshear and Houston areas depicting our city, communities and people. This allows me to offer an affordable entry point for anyone looking to make strong impressions in the local market.

(2) Do not cut corners in your marketing. A spontaneous video feed on your favorite social media it's a great tool to connect with your audience in the spot and naturally, but a poorly made intro video for your website, shot with your cell phone and barely audible, it's a mistake.

And at that, a BIG mistake. Your online media it is going to become more and more your very first contact with potential customers and these days customers find lots and lots of options in their devices.

Those companies with the best photos and video are usually the ones that will capture the clicks needed to drive customers to their "digital" doors.

If you need some help and want to discuss options for your business, please call the studio at 281.665.3868 or just fill out our Booking & Information contact form and we will get back to you soon.

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