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Stunning Evening Shots

There is a not-very-relevant difference between evening shots, dusk shots, and night shots; it's all Night Photography but there are a few distinctions starting with the amount and type of natural light you have to work with and going all the way to the logistics and preparations for the job.


Regardless of the distinctions between these types of shots, I'll cover all of them in the same category just so you know I'm referring to those beautiful images that make any house feel like "home at first sight".

Evening Shots are powerful emotional marketing. These images connect the feeling of getting home, back from work, or a busy day, with one of the most beautiful looks any property can offer. It is that welcoming aspect of these types of photography that make the images so good as listing cover.

As an add-on, Evening Shots fall into our category for specialized photography since getting these images right requires a higher level of skill and experience from the photographer, flawless logistics, and a truly excellent post-production process.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding if these types of photos are right for your listing but it is usually better to discuss those on a case-by-case basis since every home is different. Feel free to call the studio and connect with us to discuss your upcoming listing and how Evening Shots can help you make the right type of first impressions.

Real Estate Photography

The field of real estate photography is greatly misunderstood and underestimated by many professional photographers. There is a false sense of simplicity and a general lack of updated literature on the matter, coupled with lots of low-priced competition.

Add to the above the complexity of never shooting in the same location. A complex mix of natural light and a mostly uncontrolled environment where variables range from the furniture to the color of the paint and the type of floors you get to work with. Every job is as unique as the homes and buildings of the people that live or work in them. 

It takes a photographer with a wide portfolio of professional tools and techniques to be able to navigate the diversity of scenarios and transform those inputs into consistent, beautiful, photography that shows every room and every home at their best. And it takes a flawless business process to get all that done in the short turnarounds the industry requires to become a viable option in the market.

Since I first started exploring photography, I was naturally attracted by the lines and symmetries of rooms and buildings; the multiple composition opportunities furniture and perspective provided. I met all the challenges with patience and a natural curiosity to learn from each job, making every shoot an opportunity to improve.

I am changing the paradigms in the field of architectural real estate photography, developing a premium product for a market that needs the differentials provided by quality photography and artistic vision.


If you are interested in learning more about my work in this area, please feel free to continue reading or contact me at the studio. 

Katy - Fulshear - Houston

Architectural Photographer