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Professional Photography. Part V.

The field of architectural photography is greatly misunderstood and underestimated for many professional photographers. There is a false sense of simplicity and a general lack of updated literature in the matter, coupled with lots of low-priced competition.

Add to the above the complexity of never shooting on the same location. A complex mix of natural light and a mostly uncontrolled environment where variables range from the furniture to the color of the paint and the type of floors you get to work with. Every job is as unique as the homes and buildings of the people that lives or work on them. 

It takes a photographer with a wide portfolio of professional tools and techniques to be able to navigate the diversity of scenarios and transform those inputs into consistent, beautiful, photography that shows every room and every home at their best. And it takes a flawless business process to get all that done in the short turnarounds the industry requires to become a viable option in the market.

Since I first started exploring photography, I was naturally attracted by the lines and symmetries of rooms and buildings; the multiple composition opportunities furniture and perspective provided. I met all the challenges with patience and a natural curiosity to learn from each job, making every shoot an opportunity to improve.

I am changing the paradigms in the field of architectural real estate photography, developing a premium product for a market that really needs the differentials provided by quality photography and artistic vision.


If you are interested on learning more about my work on this area, please feel free to continue reading or contact me at the studio. My answering services works 24/7 and we are prompt to return calls and messages. 





As a custom builder, you put a lot of work and care in the construction of each home starting from understanding the needs of each family all the way thru the complex project management that gets you from blueprints to move-in day.

There are also the spec homes, which are much more your vision and sense of the market than a specific customer request. These provide a larger creative opportunity for you and for your team, but also inventory homes come paired with larger risk and uncertain.

As a professional photographer and small business owner, I can help you with both scenarios.

  • Premium Photography: Quality matters! Many potential clients and referrals will meet you and your work first on digital, at your website or social media. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Is your photography a true reflection of your attention to detail and professionalism?

  • Brand Development: Capture the key features of each job and loop back your success into your marketing: website, social media, printed media, and billboards. Your photography is the core of your marketing. Do not cut corners in the foundations of your brand.

  • Simplified Workflow: Partnering with a serious photographer allows you to simplify your project management, understand what to expect and speed up key deliverables.

  • Licensing Options: I offer a variety of licensing options to meet your current and future needs.

  • Graphic Design & Products: You can outsource as much of your marketing support as needed by tapping into our creative resources and our network of selected and vetted vendors.

  • Budget Control: I understand the importance of accurate estimates and budget control. You will not be hit by hidden fees. We are proud to build relationships with our clients.

  • Pricing: My builder's packages pricing ranges from $1,800 to $26,600 and up; depending on what you are looking for and want to achieve.

If you are a custom builder looking to partner with a professional photographer, please give me a call to the studio to arrange a free consultation over the phone or at your location.

Your photography is the core of your marketing. Do not cut corners in the foundations of your brand.



I am proud of partnering with some of the very best top producers in the industry, offering premium photography to help realtors and real estate professionals sell luxury homes faster and closer to their asking price while generating new business in the process.

Our small studio offers a broad range of photography and video products for the luxury real estate market in the Houston area. We are based on Katy and ideally positioned to reach to Cinco Ranch, Cross Creek, Seven Meadows and other neighborhoods in the Katy area. We also serve the Greater Houston Area including places like Memorial, University Place, River Oaks, Woodlands, Sugar Land and the many other Houston locations where luxury homes are sold.

I offer three base packages which can be tailored to your process, the specifics of your listing and your licensing needs. You can read more about each package below. I also offer options on Specialized Photography as add-ons including Aerial Photography, Evening Shots, Panoramic Shots and HDR Photography between others.

We have the capability to integrate our workflow with yours including upload to HAR thru our own Matrix account, logistic coordination and real-time status report.

We also offer a variety of marketing products to help you with your listing including flyers, brochures, billboards, video slideshows, graphic design and more.

Listing PhotoPacks

Premium Plus Photopack: This photopack includes multiple interior and exterior daylight photos, next business day delivery, upload to HAR and  nine months licensing. This package applies to homes up to 2,900 sq ft with an asking prices up to $500,000.

Deluxe Photopack: An amazing choice for homes ranging from $500,000 to $750,000 and size up to 4,900 sq ft between other conditions. Includes options in interior and exterior daylight photos, flex shoot, next business day delivery, upload to HAR and twelve months licensing between other perks and benefits.

Million Plus: An adaptable project package that allows you to size all aspects of our broad portfolio of tools from time on location and marketing support to luxury products designed to outmatch your competition in the competitive market of high end luxury homes.


Applicable to listings with asking price starting on $760,000 and up to multi-million homes between other conditions.

Pricing & Scheduling

Pricing starts at $1,290 and goes all the way up to $16,500 and up, depending on what you are looking for and what you want to achieve. On regards of scheduling, key variables are the scope of work, location of the home and time of the year. I will recommend calling in advance to allow for planning and preparations.

If you want more information, please call the studio or use this page to request your booking. My Answering Service works 24/7 and we return calls within a few hours.

Packages can be tailored to your process, the specifics of your listing and licensing needs


Stunning Evening Shots

There is a not-very-relevant difference between evening shots, dusk shots and night shots; it's all Night Photography but there are a few distinctions starting by the amount and type of natural light you have to work with and going all the way to the logistics and preparations for the job.


Regardless of the distinctions between these type of shots, I'll cover all of them in the same category just so you know I'm referring to those beautiful images that make any house feel like "home at first sight".

Evening Shots are powerful emotional marketing. These images connect the feeling of getting home, back from work or a busy day, with one of the most beautiful looks any property can offer. It is that welcoming aspect of these types of photography that make the images so good as listing cover.

As an add-on, Evening Shots fall into our category for specialized photography since getting these images right requires a higher level of skill and experience from the photographer, flawless logistics and a truly excellent post-production process.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding if these type of photos are right for your listing but it is usually better to discuss those in case by case basis since every home is different. Feel free to call the studio and connect with us to discuss your upcoming listing and how Evening Shots can help you make the right type of first impressions.


Evening Shots are powerful emotional marketing that can make any house feel like "home at first sight"



FAA Authorized Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is probably one of the fields that continues to evolve faster than any other, as drones (UAS: Unmanned Aerial Systems) keep developing and new technology provides photographers with more options to work with.

There are many scenarios where aerial photography can make a significant difference for your listing starting by bringing location to attention with a single image. The additional value of large lots, cul-de-sac streets, lake lots and homes located on beautiful parks or golf courses it's quickly evident with a few good shots.

Likewise, proximity to key landmarks, commuting options, schools or amenities can be conveyed in a single image much better than with any other tool.

The ability to capture good aerial shots requires a combination of photographic skills and technical proficiency to flight the drones that set our cameras in the right position to capture the shot while in compliance with all regulations and safety practices.

Regulations & Safety

Any type of drone photography or video for your listing is commercial use of a drone (UAS) and must be done in line with current FAA regulations.

We are an Operator authorized by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) with a flawless safety record operating under 14 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) part 107. We have in our team a certified pilot in command (PIC) with several years of experience flying drones and we regularly check and maintain our equipment. The majority of our flights include a crew of two consistent on our pilot (PIC) and visual observer (VO).

There are a few major airports in Houston, multiple private airports and several heliports all across the city. Add to these a growing community of airmen and flight enthusiasts and you can start to understand how all that makes the airspace in our region very complex and very busy.

Privacy laws are also a significant factor to keep in mind while operating in the region (see Chapter 423 of Texas Government Code).

If you are interested on adding aerial photography or video to your listing, please give us a call to discuss your needs and learn more about the requirements to make that happen within the law and safely.

Aerial Photography is one of the fields that continues to evolve faster than any other