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Professional Photography. Part I.

As with any field on life, professional experience and dedication makes a significant difference in photography. Access to a camera and editing apps are everywhere these days, which enables aspiring photographers to try and learn by repetition. The improvements on technology bring lots of competition and offers to the world of photography and with all that also come a neck-breaking speed of change on all aspects of our profession, from technology (editing software and cameras) to technique. There is so much to see and so much to try, learn and relearn. As someone that truly loves photography, I welcome it all.

Is there still room for professional photographers out there? Yes, of course! The answer has to do with the ultimate quality of the images we deliver as professionals. Are you trying to broadcast a strong expertise on your field? Is attention to detail important on your job? Then you probably do not want to market yourself with a poorly taken selfie. If you do not seriously invest on your own professional image, then how well would you do for your clients? There is an old saying that goes: An image says more than a thousand words...

Having a bad headshot as your intro is as bad as showing poorly dressed to a first meeting with an important client or a prospective employer. It is actually worst, because the poor impression of a bad headshot replicates every time someone "meets" you digitally and you are not even there to counter the poor impression with your actual charming personality.

I do not want to scare you about your portrait but you do need to research and invest time (and money) to get it done right. The fact that you are reading this means you are doing your homework and learning about the whys and the how. As all professional photographers, I specialize on a few fields on which I have the skills and ability to help you. I also have a strong network to refer you to other local professionals for those areas outside of my fields of expertise.



To put it simple: Your headshot is your single most powerful marketing impression. It says it all. It will be seen multiple times for your clients and colleagues. Your headshot will be seen every time you post in social media, on your every email (at your signature or as your Outlook/Google profile pic), on your website and on many more media and times than those you can keep count of.


Your headshot is your avatar in the digital world of professional web portals, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc... And it does matter.

Is not all the above enough to make you consider calling in a professional to help you with your headshot? Yes, we are more expensive than your smartphone selfie but there are a lot of good reasons why. And whatever you work with one-time clients or thru daily conference calls with your well-known corporate colleagues, all of them will notice the attention (or lack of) you put on your headshot.

From a photographer's perspective, a headshot is both: The simplest and the more challenging of all portraits. It is the simplest portrait because there is no posing the body and fighting the multiple distractions of a full body portrait. It is the most complex portrait, because the exact same reasons: It is not all about saying "cheese".

As I work on a headshot, attention is fully on my client's every expression. We discuss their professional field and what combinations of personality and skills are more important for their target audience. Whatever that target audience is retail market or your corporate stakeholders.


Does your portrait need to be about strength and confidence or about openness and creativity? Do you work at law enforcement or in sales? Are you an individual professional or do your work for a large international company? As photographers, we do much more than just mastering the beauty of light and the complexity of our gears and digital retouching tools.

In addition to a good headshot you would like to consider a good environmental portrait, which it's a half-body or full body portrait within the environment of you work: At your office, at the hospital, at the fire station, etc... These types of workplace portraits are a strong image for your branding and show you as the subject matter expert you are.

If you want to learn more about business portraits, please read more on: Headshots & Business Portraits

Headshot: Your most powerful marketing impression



Life is all about changing and challenges. While some folks just naturally flow thru high school, the majority of us mortals went thru happiness and sadness, friendship and loneliness, love and broken hearts. It has been a long time since my senior year, but I remember it all very well. After all these years and thru all that change, I have become a seasoned professional photographer with three kids of my own, one of them already a senior at college.

It does not matter if you have a boy or a girl. Most kids feel very strong about what they like or dislike. The yearbook and other photography done at the school are based on a business model with focus on quantity which cares little for quality. Do not let those portraits be the only portraits you have of your kid this year.

I work with students from all Katy ISD high schools including Tompkins, Seven Lakes, Cinco Ranch and Katy High School between others. I have portrayed young athletes at all these schools and at many sports but your kid does not need to be an athlete to have wonderful portraits.

Continue reading more about senior photos on my dedicated page to senior pictures, on this site, or call me to discuss ideas and pricing over the phone. The team at my answering service will take your information and I will return your call shortly after. You can also just pre-book online by hitting the "Book Now" button on the right.

Teens feel very strong about what they like and dislike


Young Athletes (Sports Portraits)

After all the hard work your kids put on their favorite sport, and after all the time and effort you have spent on taking them to classes and games, the sport becomes part of your kids personality and a key forming experience. A source to develop self-discipline and patience. My portraits of your young athletes are focused on those two unique aspects they have developed over the years: Skill and personality.

Skill is the essential subject of these portraits, but skill without personality produces an empty impression. There is a strong inner force in every athlete, a will to keep going, a will to excel, a drive that is born and melted in the personality of every athlete. A portrait tells us what kind of person the subject is. A young athlete's portrait reveals some of that inner force growing within.

If you want to learn more about my work on this area, please follow the links on this page to our Young Athletes dedicated page or give us a call at our studio (number is just at your right).



Skill and personality are the essential subjects of these portraits



Children & Family Photography

Some way above on this page I said that headshots were some of the simplest (but at the same time more complex) of all portraits. Well, a photoshoot session for kids (note the plural) it is probably one of the most challenging and fun of all photoshoots. Once again, life is full of contradictions.

As a photographer, the challenge is now about posing, keeping all natural, having the kids enjoy the session (while their parents do not over stress, too much -some stress is just life) and then trying to keep focus on what we are trying to achieve. Is it about a beautiful print for your family room? Is it about Christmas cards?

As hard as it is the session, I truly enjoy the outcome on my photos -every time. It is even better when I see the smiles on the faces of my clients. It is a very rewarding moment and one of the reasons I became professional photographer.

One of my strengths as professional is that I control all three aspects of my business: photoshoot, post-production and production (printing). I work with a selected group of vendors which I have tested on multiple products and vetted myself spending time and money. I also visit and discuss with my suppliers at the annual conferences organized by the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and the WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photographers International). I can deliver on my promises.

If you want to learn more about these sessions, please read the dedicated page on this site to Kids & Families Portraits or just give me a call to the studio. My answering services works 24/7, they will pass your message right away.

Having the kids enjoy the session and then trying to focus on what we are trying to achieve



Fashion Photography

Models and photographers work together on projects for clients or the photographer herself. Deciding on giving a try to modeling and the world of fashion photography requires some personality as this is a very particular choice with lots of strong competition and some significant risks.

If you are interested on trying modeling as a hobby or part-time activity, then you do not need to sign with an agency to get started. I usually have a few projects where can fit new aspiring models, call the studio or email me thru our booking system.

If you are an experienced model already signed with an agency, then feel free to reach me for networking. I would love to learn about your work.

Performing Artist: Also on this area of my work I have room for performing artists. Those who are trying to get noticed and are working hard to develop their talent. I have worked before with musicians and actors. I welcome your passion and skill, and would love to include you on my projects to capture your art with mine. As mentioned above, give me a call to discuss opportunities.

I usually have a few projects where can fit new aspiring models



Glamour VF Sessions

My very first point about my glamour photography is to make a distinction on why I feel so strong about this genre.  As a woman, I have struggled with wanting to feel beautiful. There are so many reasons we ever put ourselves last. There are so many other priorities that ever seem to come before us.

As a professional photographer, a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister; as all that and more, I decided that I wanted to help women find the freedom to love their beauty. You have to love yourself to be able to give love to others. You have to star by you -but we usually get all that wrong.

My glamour photoshoots are a fun and wonderful experience. You can have the session all to yourself or share the session with a sister, a mother or a good friend. It is about choosing and trying a few makeup options, get your hair perfectly done, find a dress that makes you feel spectacular and enjoying all that together. We can discuss ideas on a pre-planning session or just work  thru the session.


Let me help you feel like a covergirl. We all can be there. You do not need to have a perfect body or be a professional model to look wonderful. My mission is to make all women look wonderful, to find your beauty, to celebrate yourself.  It does not matter your age, your size, your weight or anything else. It does not matter. We all are beautiful.

As part of my professional development I attend every year the largest photographers conferences in the nation including Imaging USA (PPA), WPPI and PhotoPlus. It is there that I have met some of the most influential photographers of these days. Those professionals who are leading the way and shaping trends and styles with focus on women's beauty and women's empowerment.

I am always learning and always looking to apply new techniques and ideas back to my work at the studio. The field of glamour photography has been gaining new momentum between women as a way to rediscover their beauty rather than as a product of society.

My very last point is about those beautiful prints I will create with you. Those are for your, first. Please call the studio to schedule your session. I truly look forward to meet you.

I wanted to help women find the freedom to lover their beauty