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As a mom with three beautiful kids, I understand how important family photos are and how quickly our children grow. In most families it is usually the mom who cares for capturing the magic moments of our children and families, though there are many dads who also take the camera once in a while.

In my case, of course, it's me the one doing the shooting but you and I share the same challenge... We are missing. Whoever is behind the camera is not in the photos... Have you ever going back to a set of photos just not find yourself in most of the photos?

One of the reasons to hire a pro, is to give you and all the family the opportunity to be portrayed together without having to worry about anything other than having fun. You all can come to the studio or we can arrange for a photoshoot at a nearby park or at your preferred location.

My packages include digital files and editing (Photoshop). I also offer a variety of proven and tested products from photobooks and collection frames to video.

Please give us a call to the studio to arrange a free consultation over the phone or use the links on this page to request a booking.


As a mom of three beautiful kids, I understand very well how important these photos are.