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Professional Photography Part I

This is the first on a quick series of articles about professional photography and the wonderful work of Sabrina Casas, CPP (PPA) here at Sabrina Casas Photography Studios. Read on!

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Issue #013


Ricardo's Review (Pro Headshots)

Check the review from Ricardo about his new headshots with Sabrina. You can read the original review in Google.

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Studio Business Portraits Pros and Cons

On this article I want to tell you about full body and half-body studio business portraits and some of the pros an cons of these types of images.

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Issue #011


Customer Review


Emilio Castro

Studio Manager & Business Owner. Texas Entrepreneur. Drone Pilot. Fantasy Author.


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Michele's Review:

Sabrina Casas Photography provides excellent corporate photos and advisement throughout the entire process, with a professional eye not just for the photography but also for incorporation into marketing and social media strategy. Sabrina and Emilio were great to work with, communicating throughout the process for planning.

We had the pleasure of helping Michele with the headshots for their c-level team, including individual sets of images and team pictures. When she first called, she had carefully reviewed photographers around the area and was looking for someone that could provide consistency and great photos for their marketing.

Michele works in an IT consulting company, and from the get-go, it was clear that one of the company's unique strengths was the deep understanding and friendship between the leadership team. They all worked together for several years in various roles and knew each other well.

It was clear to me, from my own experience working in large corporations, that their leadership team could tap into each other strengths just because of their genuine working relationship. I wanted to capture that unique aspect of their company with the help of Sabrina's eye and skills as a photographer.

As I was working with Michelle during the planning phase, we carefully selected a spot that would fit the company plans to bring everyone together in Houston for about a week -most of the team was based off the West Coast.

During the photoshoot, Sabrina was able to create a perfect set of headshots and half-body shots for the individual profiles of each of the executives while also capturing plenty of photos of the team working together. Meeting the team in person and working with them was fun and provided yet, another opportunity to learn about each of them for the next time.

If you need help developing the type of branding that will help show the culture and strengths of your company through your leadership team, please call us. Adding the skills and talents that Sabrina, a top talented photographer, and myself, a former corporate professional, can bring to the table will enrich your pool of options and ideas to move forward and outshine your competition.

The best number to reach us at the studio is 281.665.3868. You can also fill out our Booking & Information contact form, and we'll call you back at your convenience.

If you want to read another lovely review from another of our corporate clients, please check Jessica's Review below or explore our Corporate Headshots page for a quick look at what our standard photography packages include.

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Michele's Review (Corporate Headshots)

Enjoy this nice review from Michele to learn how we helped their C-level team with new headshots. You can read the original review in Google.