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Emilio Castro

In my role at the studio, as the Studio Manager, I take pride in keeping the logistics of our work running smoothly for our clients from first contact to delivery. I like to think that our customer service is second to none.

Of course, having been married to Sabrina for over +25 years, I truly enjoy her every achievement as she creates beautiful work for our clients and her own projects.

I have a background in Accounting & Business Management and have worked in the Oil & Gas industry for over 17 years leading supply chain teams in international and domestic markets. I achieved the Lean Bronze Certification during my time at Halliburton and later discovered the benefit of Scrum and Agile Project Management when working for BP. I am a fan of continuous improvement and enjoy leading diverse teams of every kind while working for those large companies.

I'm also a self-taught web developer and coder, a Certified Remote Pilot (I fly our drones), and a self-published fantasy author, among many other small feats and accidents.




This brief article discusses the convenience of bundling individual headshots for the team with a nice team picture and why organizations need to bring their people forward in their marketing.



You probably heard or read before that "people are the most important asset of any organization," and we could hardly agree more. Your team and your people are at the heart of your organization, whether they work at the frontline, making first contact or down-deep in the production line, delivering value for your clients.

Most potential clients will research your organization before they decide to contact you. That research will include exploring your website and social media presence.

Your clients will try to validate your expertise and the seriousness of your organization to deliver. People like to connect with people. That's why having good team pictures and headshots on your About page, across your website, and on your social media is essential.

And then comes the matter of how to create media that is authentic yet professional and approachable, and that's where a professional photographer like Sabrina can help you, from planning to execution and beyond, to bring your team to life in your marketing.


A team picture is more than just getting everyone together for the shot since considerations such as choosing where to place everyone and how to pose each individual make a difference in the final look of the team.

Your team could be small or large. Regardless, we usually offer the option to bundle individual headshots for your employees with team pictures without sacrificing quality by carefully planning how to get these different scopes done.

While everyone in the team will need at least a basic headshot, some of your frontline employees and key people in your leadership team with much more media exposure will need a larger package and more carefully crafted images.

Again, planning is critical, and that's why our process starts covering several key questions about your organization, your team size, location, and goals, including short-term and long-term views of what you want to achieve.

We have the experience and capability with Sabrina to work with your internal marketing team or your chosen marketing agency to create a great initial set of images and then continue forward by creating a workflow that accounts for your future hires.


A healthy and dynamic business is in constant change. People are hired, promoted, change jobs, or sometimes leave altogether. If you do not account for those dynamics when thinking about how to market your team, you will soon find your website outdated with either "blank" profile pictures or a mix of self-provided images, which will look at the best uncaring and, at the worst, unprofessional.

Remember: You are ALWAYS making an impression on your potential clients, whether that's a positive impression or a negative one.

One of the benefits of creating a relationship with a professional photographer is that you can rely on your photographer to create consistent headshots and business portraits of your new hires with the same practical and straightforward workflow, matching what you already have from the initial set and ensuring quality and reliability.

When doing your due diligence to pick your photographer, it is always a good idea to go beyond just price. After all, there is truth in the saying: "You get what you paid for."

We recommend that your selection process considers factors like the time that your photographer has been in business and specifically working as a headshot photographer, the quality of their previous work, the type and deepness of resources your professional can bring to the table, including editing skills, planning, communication, etc.

The worst nightmare you can find yourself in is to hire someone that doesn't show up the day of the photoshoot, shows up later, or doesn't deliver after they have charged you a down payment.


One of the most popular options for creating your initial set of images is to have us go to your location (on-location team pictures). It saves time for the employees that do not need to drive back and forth to the studio, which also is a reasonable consideration from the point of view of safety (fewer people on the roads) and reduces the stress of having to work busy work schedules the day of the photoshoot.

Our mobile setup includes backdrops, lights, and other gears to produce a professional result on every image, which we can later reproduce at the studio. The studio option is much better suited for your new hires that will follow later than the road as your team grows and develop.


Your team pictures and headshots aren't just working for you while your clients research your organization. Still, they can make a difference in every communication, whether that's in the email signature that you set a template for your company, in their LinkedIn profiles or chat apps, social media, business cards, Zoom calls, when working remotely or when your employees are featured on your Blogs, articles, conferences or the many other situations and opportunities that the modern work environment requires from your organization.

Investing in good team pictures by creating a relationship with a professional photographer is much more than just a checkbox in launching your website.


Feel free to call the studio for more information or provide your contact information by filling out our Booking & Information Contact Form. We will call you within the next business day to discuss options and scheduling.

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Team photo of a two-persons IT firm.

Headshots and Team Pictures

by Emilio Castro

The Photographer's Blog

Issue #005


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