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Crystal's Review (Personal Branding)

Read the review from Crystal about her Personal Branding session. You can read the original review in Google.

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Senior Pictures Katy

Life is all about changing and challenges. While some folks just naturally flow thru high school, the majority of us mortals went thru happiness and sadness, friendship and loneliness, love and broken hearts.

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Christy's Review (Pro Headshots)

Read the review from Christy and her Pro Headshots session with Sabrina. You can read the original review in Google.

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Team Pictures


Emilio Castro

Studio Manager & Business Owner. Texas Entrepreneur. Drone Pilot. Fantasy Author.


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Issue #005

A team picture is more than just getting everyone together for the shot, since considerations as choosing where to place everyone and how to pose each individual make a difference on the final look of the team.

Your team could be as small as two or as large as a couple of dozen individuals. At the studio we usually offer our clients the option to bundle headshots for their employees with team pictures and environmental portraits.

It is a great combination that allows companies to present their staff on a professional way and with a consistent look thru the company media and marketing. Additionally, the day of the photoshoot becomes an event for the company which focuses everyone to look their best.

We also offer the option to shoot at the customer location, at your offices. It saves time for the employees that do not need to drive back and forth to the studio. We have a mobile setup which includes backdrops, lights and other gears to produce a professional result on every image.

Another technique used on team portraits is digital composition and/or green screen. This option allows Sabrina to portrait each team member individually but posing in such a way that later on we can digitally assembly everyone into one large composite team image as if everyone had been shot at the same time.

These composites are a great way to allow individual coaching during the photoshoot (posing, look, etc...) while also provides teams with high turnover with an option to update their team picture by just digitally adding or removing as needed.

Feel free to call the studio for more information or just provide your contact information by filling out our Booking & Information contact form We will call you within the next business day to discuss options and scheduling.

If you want to learn more about Sabrina, please check her about page right here: About Sabrina Casas, CPP (PPA)

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