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Move Your Headshot at the TOP of your To-Do!

Many clients get to the idea of having a headshot as an afterthought. It is about the last thing on their to-do-list. Curiously, your headshot will be between the very first pieces of marketing that clients, colleagues and employers will see.

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Jack's Review (Executive Headshot)

Check the review from Jack about his Executive Headshots. You can read the original review in Google.

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Headshots and Team Pictures

Telling your clients that you have a team to support you can make the whole difference between success and losing a deal.

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Customer Review


Emilio Castro

Studio Manager & Business Owner. Texas Entrepreneur. Drone Pilot. Fantasy Author.


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Jessica's Review:

Sabrina and her team were so easy to work with. They produced beautiful headshots and were extremely helpful and responsive throughout the whole process. Thank you!

Jessica works for a large national legal and immigration firm as the Operations Manager. She is based on the West Coast, and though we had never met in person, we already had the opportunity to help her with her Houston team twice this year.

When Jessica first contacted us, her firm had hired a new lawyer for their Houston office, and Jessica was looking for a local photographer that could offer quality and a reliable process.

We were an immediate match since we already work with other national firms that, with a certain regularity, have new hires in the area and need the same neat, well-crafted corporate headshots Jessica was looking for.

The first step in the process was clearly defining the expectations regarding the type of headshot that would work best for the new employee, considering what the rest of the company already had. When possible, we always aim to match whatever look the rest of the team already has on the client's website to provide the consistency a large company needs across its branding.

After we had covered the expectations, Jessica only needed to provide us with the contact information for the local employee, and we took it from there. At our studio, we have developed a smooth process focused on our client's priorities and goals.

A few weeks after that, Jessica contacted us again, but this time the newer employee was located in Dallas. That was too far to go for us, but we were able to help anyway since Sabrina has an extensive network of professionals at the local and national levels.

Sabrina was able to identify another photographer in the Dallas area who could provide the same quality service. We called the photographer and shared the expectations, after which we put both Jessica and the photographer in contact with each other.

A few months later, Jessica sent our way a new additional hire which we had the pleasure to portray for their firm.

Both Sabrina and I take on developing lasting business relationships with our clients and believe in helping others every time we can. If we don't have the time or are not the fit for our client's needs, we'll still try to point you in the right direction.

If you are interested in learning more about our headshots, please try the pages below, call the studio at 281.665.3868 or just fill out the Booking & Information contact form, and we'll reach you back at your convenience.

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Sabrina Casas Photography Studios

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Jessica's Review (Corporate Headshots)

Check this nice review from Jessica (one of our corporate clients) and learn how we made a difference for the Houston's team. You can read the original review in Google.