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Headshots and Team Pictures

Telling your clients that you have a team to support you can make the whole difference between success and losing a deal.

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Crystal's Review (Personal Branding)

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Emilio Castro

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Another situation we often see at the studio is clients who have been with the very same headshot for too long and now they look nothing like their headshot. A lot of today's business and the very important "first contact" happen on digital.

Imagine that one of your clients refers you to someone else and that person googles your web page, Facebook or some other pieces of your digital you. Then after a few conversations on the phone, text messages or emails you both meet in person but your client cannot truly tell you are the same person than the one on your (very outdated) headshot...

Yes, the awkward feeling will all go away after a hopefully brief and uncomfortable moment but you only have one chance to make a first impression....

We recommend renewing your headshot every three to five years. Keep your profile picture in LinkedIn and your corporate website fresh and current. If you are afraid of the camera, then moreover you need to take this seriously. The reason why we recommend a full photoshoot session instead of a quick shot is because you get extra time to relax and warm up to the camera.

While you are not in control of what happens when someone googles you, or what device your client or the headhunter, is using to find you, you do have control of how good that headshot looks and how professionally it presents you.

Feel free to continue reading more about headshots and business portraits, here at the blog or reach us at the studio to chat about options for you.

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Move Your Headshot at the TOP of your To-Do!

Many clients get to the idea of having a headshot as an afterthought. It is about the last thing on their to-do-list. Curiously, your headshot will be between the very first pieces of marketing that clients, colleagues and employers will see.