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To put it simple: Your headshot is your single most powerful marketing impression. It says it all.

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Jessica's Review (Corporate Headshots)

Check this nice review from Jessica (one of our corporate clients) and learn how we made a difference for the Houston's team. You can read the original review in Google.

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Move Your Headshot at the TOP of your To-Do!

Many clients get to the idea of having a headshot as an afterthought. It is about the last thing on their to-do-list. Curiously, your headshot will be between the very first pieces of marketing that clients, colleagues and employers will see.

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Customer Review


Emilio Castro

Studio Manager & Business Owner. Texas Entrepreneur. Drone Pilot. Fantasy Author.


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Christian's Review:

Excellent customer service, Sabrina and Emilio absolutely exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with the system they have in place to select the best pictures and I'm satisfied with the time and quality I received them.

When we first met Christian, he was starting his career in real estate and had just obtained his real estate license. While he did not have direct experience working as a realtor, Christian began investing and selling real estate a few years ago and did so well that he decided to go full-time in the industry.

Christian had recently moved from New Jersey, and he realized that having a solid professional image would be imperative since that first impression would work really well for him. Christian didn't have the advantage of a local network of friends and family to tap into when trying to develop leads and gain experience in Houston.

During our first call, I pointed Christian to the Pro Headshots session to help him cover the multiple marketing opportunities an agent has for his marketing, including the HAR profile picture, business cards, social media pages, and his broker's website.

Referral Network - Why Your Headshot Matters

One of the main sources of new business generation for realtors is their referral network. That is when someone who knows you, either a former client or someone from your close network, passes your name along to a potential seller or buyer. Usually, your contact information is shared together with some type of appreciation from those who are referring you based on their experience working with you but regardless of that, the most likely next step for that potential client is to Google you...

And guess what piece of marketing would be between the very first your potential client will find online? Yes! Is that headshot you have in HAR, or in your broker's website, or in your new Facebook page. Your headshot is one of the very first impressions you will make on potential clients. Is that a good impression?

Your headshot is an example of the quality and attention to detail that you deliver. Think about this as if you were hiring any other service. Would you hire someone who's headshot shows that he or she didn't care at all? Or would you hire someone who looks as professional and successful as the person you are going to trust one of your most important assets?

Investing in a good headshot by working with a good photographer is one of those marketing projects that makes a huge difference in the real estate industry.

If you are starting a career in real estate and need to develop your branding, please call us at the studio at 281.665.3868 or just fill out the Booking & Information contact form, and we'll contact you at your convenience.

If you want to read another lovely review from a real estate agent looking to develop her branding, check Christy's review here.

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Christian's Review (Pro Headshots)

Read the review from Christian and his headshot for real estate. You can read the original review in Google.