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Professional Photography. Part II.

Since you probably have already read my intro to the topic of portrait photography, I'll focus my attention now on a few key points: Experience, Consistency and Personal Branding.

Experience: The one word that makes a world of difference in the field of professional photography -and in any other highly competitive field. It is just because of our uniqueness as human beings. Each client is different; there are not two of us alike. Our unique features, gestures and attitude come all together in a portrait and because of that it is really important that your photographer understands how to deal with the specific treats that makes you, you.

My work as a photographer is to introduce you to your audience; to those that will see you thru your headshot as the professional you are. I have been introducing professionals, young and seasoned, to their audiences for years. It is a job I enjoy and which requires me to learn about the subject of my portraits, you. I enjoy learning about other fields of work and learning about the folks that work on our town supporting the many industries of the region while I portray them on the jobs they do for our communities.

Consistency: I read once a quote that went something like this: "Amateurs train hard to get that one perfect shot; professionals train hard so they never miss a shot". I can deliver on my promises. That is the results of years of practice, strong discipline and constant learning on the ever evolving field of photography and video.

Personal Branding: A business portrait is about your branding. That truth is applicable regardless of the field you work and regardless of the type of company or clients you work for. As you keep exploring the information below about the multiple options for your personal branding, please make a mental note of anything you like and any questions that come to your mind.

A point to keep in mind is to see your business portrait as the investment on your marketing that this type of shots truly are. You will have a ROI (Return on Investment) over the three to five years period between now and your next business portrait. Whatever budget you have set apart for your marketing, it should account for your personal branding.

Another key consideration is to look for a set of images instead of one single headshot. I offer both options: a quick and simple headshot or a fully dedicated Personal Branding Session. And there are options in between, too. The right session for you depends on a few factors including how comfortable you feel in front of a camera and what media and channels you usually target to reach your audience.

The very final consideration, before you get to explore the sections below and the galleries, is that time goes only in one direction. We will not get any younger or leaner tomorrow. I will help you pose and look your best regardless of your age, body type or any other aspect of you that you might be concerned with. I also have full control of the post-production and digital editing process (yes, I use Photoshop and the whole software toolkit offer by Adobe).

Please read on or just call me for a free consultation over the phone. The team at my answering service will take your call and pass your info to us. We will return your call promptly but do not hesitate to let the guys at the phone know if you need a faster response. We can call you back as soon as possible.



Business Headshots

Many of my clients get to the idea of having a headshot as an afterthought; it is about the last thing on their to-do-list. Curiously, your headshot will be between the very first pieces of your marketing that many potential clients, colleagues and employers will see.

Another situation I often see is clients who have been with the very same headshot for too long and now they look nothing like their business portrait. A lot of today's business and the very important "first contact" happen on digital.


Imagine that one of your clients refers you to someone else and that person googles your web page, Facebook or some other pieces of your digital you. Then after a few conversations on the phone, text messages or emails you both meet in person but your client cannot truly tell you are the same person than the one on your (very outdated) headshot... Yes, the awkward feeling will all go away after a (hopefully) brief uncomfortable moment but you only have one chance to make a first impression....

I recommend renewing your headshot every three to five years. It keeps your image fresh and current. If you are afraid of the camera and your past experiences with photographers have not been very good, then moreover you need to take this seriously. The reason I recommend a full photoshoot session instead of a quick shot is because you get extra time to relax and warm up to the camera.

While you are not in control of what happens when someone googles you or what device your client or the headhunter / recruiter is using to find you, you do have control of how good that headshot looks and how professionally it presents you.

A final thought on how important is to flip your priorities on regards of your headshot: I believe introducing you to the professional world is so important that I have started to include a business headshot on my Senior Pictures packages. That is to help those kids on their applications to college or to find their first job. Whatever path they would follow, a good, strong, headshot will certainly help introducing them to walk successfully in the workplace.

I welcome you to fill in a booking request using the links on this page or just call the studio and pass your information to my answer service to move forward with your new headshot and start making the right type of first impressions.

A lot of today's business and the very important "first contact" happens on digital.



Environmental Portraits

I have already mentioned before that it is a good idea to aim for a set of images when working on your personal branding and also mentioned briefly what an environmental portrait is but on this section of my web page I will expand on both.

One of the main reasons to prepare your marketing budget aiming for a set of images instead of a single headshot is based on the same fundamentals that make you switch attire as you move around your life. You do not go to work with the same clothes that you go to the gym. You do not attend a family gathering dressed as if you were to a first job interview.


Our social networks are built upon the mix of relationships our life is made of, and therefore social media follows. We all mix some friends from work or clients with our personal Facebook or Twitter. Your personal branding, the images that represent you as your avatar in the digital world, need to adapt to the media and network where they are on use.

You do want to cause a good impression when moving around Facebook but using the formal headshot from the corporate office is not exactly the way to fit in. The solution is a good and nice natural light portrait shot on a casual or business casual attire.


Having a set of images for your personal marketing allows you to adapt your image to the feeling you believe fits best for the networks you are part of. Moreover, even on the simple case of formal headshots, having a couple of headshots with different backdrops and attires allows you to renew and refresh your image even on the same networks.  All of which makes others realize you are not just forward-thinking but well prepared.

On regards of environmental portraits, these are richer images to introduce the area of your expertise to your audience of potential clients and employers. On these types of portraits we aim to show you in the context of your work environment, be that an office, an airplane cockpit or an offshore platform.

You will be usually dressed on your work clothes and we will be shooting at your location, all of which adds complexity to the planning and execution of these portraits. We will usually have a pre-planning session with you a few weeks before the actual shoot and brainstorm on what message you want to send and where you are planning to use the images.

Because of the extra effort and additional budget required for these shots, they are a very strong asset on your marketing which your competitors will not easily match. If you want more information please give us a call to the studio and let my team at the answering service know that you are looking for environmental portraits. I will receive the message and get back to you as soon as possible.


These portraits are richer images to introduce your area of expertise



Team Portraits

Telling your clients that you have a team to support you can make the whole difference between success and losing a deal. A team portrait is more than just getting everyone together for the shot, since considerations as choosing where to place everyone and how to pose each individual make a difference on the final look of the team.

Your team could be as small as two or as large as a couple of dozen individuals. I usually offer my clients the option to bundle individual headshots for their employees with team pictures and environmental portraits.

It is a great combination that allows companies to present their staff on a professional way and with a consistent look thru the company media and marketing. Additionally, the day of the photoshoot becomes an event for the company which focuses everyone to look their best.

I also offer the option to shoot at the customer location, at your offices. It saves time for the employees that do not need to drive back and forth to the studio. I have a mobile setup which includes backdrops, lights and other gears to produce a professional result on every image.

Another technique used on team portraits is digital composition and/or green screen. This option allows me to portrait each team member individually but posing in such a way that later on I can digitally assembly everyone into one large composite team image as if everyone had been photoshoot at the same time.

These composites are a great way to allow individual coaching during the photoshoot (posing, look, etc...) while also provides teams with high turnover with an option to update their team picture by just digitally adding or removing as needed.

Feel free to call the studio for more information or just provide your contact information in our booking system. We will call you within the next business day to discuss options and scheduling.

A good team portrait will show the synergies in your team





Studio Business Portraits

All the previous sections have been about business portraits, but this section in particular is about full body and half-body studio business portraits.

A full body portrait, standing up or sitting, is a good complement for your headshot and can be used on multiple pieces of marketing from your website to flyers and brochures. However, these larger images will not work very well for LinkedIn and other digital platforms as profile pictures just because the real estate on those platforms is very limited and even a half-body portrait will need to be cropped to make your face visible to the users.


The fact that many times your image will render in a mobile device also makes full body portraits too tiny to be effective at communicating with your audience. Regardless, there is still room to use this tool in your advertising.

These types of images are a little bit more traditional on the business world and we will usually portrait you on a very nice suit or other formal attire. Lawyers and folks on the financial and real estate industries look to broadcast their position and expertise thru the strong impression provided by their most formal look.

Though we can shoot these images on a natural light setting, the power and options provided by the full studio setup is much better since the right lighting can help reinforce your posture and overall look to stress strength or openness depending on your preference.


Broadcast your position and expertise thru the strong impression provided by your most formal look



Natural Light and Casual Look

Natural light portraits are on high demand for professionals on multiple industries who want to connect with a younger public. I also recommend a set of these images to anyone looking for a full personal branding package. There are multiple situations where you can use the casual and natural look provide by these images to connect with your audience.

When getting ready for your session it is good idea to pick a few options on clothing that you want to try for the natural light shots. Of course, you do not want a winter look if you live in Texas, since your images will feel out of place during most of the year. This can make challenging to create these images during the few months of winter we have a year if you solely depend on the sun and working outdoors as your source of light.

One of the strengths I bring to the table as professional photographer is the ability to emulate natural light with my own studio lights. A seasoned photographer would have the expertise to understand light and color, and  adapt their tools to produce a final impression as desired but I will usually try to make good use of a sunny day if we do happen to have one as we are working on your photos.

Natural light portraits are on high demand for professionals on multiple industries