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Environmental Portraits What They Are and Why They Are Important

I have already mentioned before that it is a good idea to aim for a set of images when working on your personal branding and also mentioned briefly what an environmental portrait is but on this section of my web page I will expand on both.

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Michele's Review (Corporate Headshots)

Enjoy this nice review from Michele to learn how we helped their C-level team with new headshots. You can read the original review in Google.

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Professional Photography Part I

This is the first on a quick series of articles about professional photography and the wonderful work of Sabrina Casas, CPP (PPA) here at Sabrina Casas Photography Studios. Read on!

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Customer Review

Fernanda's Review:

"Was a pleasure to work with Sabrina and Emilio. She is an excellent photographer! The headshot was great and exactly what we were looking for."

Fernanda reached out to us looking to help her daughter, Beatriz, move forward with her starting career in the acting industry. Beatriz had been taking acting classes with a coach since a few years ago, and she had already had some experience on stage.

However, like many young aspiring professionals in the industry, Beatriz had changed a lot since her first headshot. It was about time to refresh her image with a more contemporary look that would help Beatriz match better roles.

During the photoshoot, Sabrina helped Beatriz relax, enjoy the session and create images that would show a few expressions she wanted to broadcast for potential roles during her applications.

Having a few different headshots is vital to help you grab the attention of casting directors and in many other areas of your career. Of course, it is also essential that the headshot shows you, your personality, skills, and strengths for those roles that you have better chances of landing.

By the way, I welcome you to check the article on called "Actor Headshots: a Guide" with lots of excellent information and tips about this topic (check the link below).

These sessions can be anything you need, from just a few well-planned shots to a much more complete session including makeup and hair, a few different outfits, and many images from headshots to full body shots. Most aspiring actors would be fine with a few strong headshots, and you don't need to make a significant investment to get on the right track.

If you want to learn more about how Sabrina can help you with your acting headshots, please call us at the studio (281.665.3868) or fill out the Booking & Information contact form, and we will contact you back at your convenience.

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Fernanda's Review (Acting Headshots)

Check this quick review from Fernand about the Acting Headshots for her daughter. You can read the original review in Google.