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Professional Photography. Part III.

Natural light photography has become very popular for senior pictures, and rightfully so since well-used natural light transfer to the images a soft and natural tone. However, natural light alone can easily become a significant limitation to the development of any photographer since a single light source greatly reduces the tools the photographer has available to help their clients. There are also impacts and limitations to creative options.

Those photographers who have mastered the use of studio lighting will have no problem working with natural light or emulating natural light on studio. I love working on both situations, on studio and outdoors, and many times offer both set of images on my sessions which gives my clients much more options to choose from.

I will usually start working with your kids on my studio setting because it helps everyone to relax and the core of the session is not impacted by the weather outside. Weather conditions are one of the very big issues with folks that only shoot outdoors since a long booked and expected session may easily be disrupted or cancelled because of rain, excessive heat or excessive cold; not to mention mosquitos and the other problems of working outdoors.

Natural light does not need to be done outdoors, though I do use the nice shooting locations around my studio to shoot outdoors every time the duration of the session and the weather allows me to. To use natural light we only need a large window handy and the right setup. Of course, as mentioned before, I can easily simulate natural light on my studio portraits to the point that it is not a noticeable difference in the images, while the session does feel very different since the weather does not wear down on my model and my clients.

Please read on to learn more about senior pictures or give us a call to discuss over the phone. The team at the answering service will take your call and we will reach you within 24 to 48 hours but if you need a faster response just let the person receiving your call know and we will return your call as soon as possible.

If you want to read more of my notes about professional photography (parts I & II), head back to my Portrait Photography page and also check the Business Portraits page.



I believe the moment our kids are leaving high school is one of those moments on life when we realize how fast the time goes and how much life is about change. It may take a while for the feeling to sink in our minds and get to our busy lives but sooner or later you find yourself wondering how all this happened so fast. I hear many of my clients say so during my sessions, especially the mom of the family.

In a sense, the work of a photographer is to help you seize memories and keep them alive. I feel this even more when I have the opportunity to portray for senior pictures a student who I had before portrayed as a younger kid in family photos. I see these kids transforming from children to wonderful young women and men.

Sessions and Pricing

About my sessions and pricing, the first distinction is between photoshoots for girls vs boys. It is not a very large distinction since the one thing that is really different is how long the session last. Usually, boys need a shorter session and focus on a few shots they may want. Boys will usually change clothes a couple of times at the most while girls will want to try a few more combinations. I see more and more boys really caring about their images and wanting them for their social media but of course girls lead the way on this aspect, too.

A photoshoot for girls will usually last longer and we will look not just at different clothes and dresses but also makeup and hair style. On both sessions, girls and boys, we will try some shots using natural light on locations nearby the studio. We can also make arrangements for a full outdoor session at a park or urban setting for a much more immerse feeling in the location.

On the money side, there are plenty of options we can work with to fit your budget. I also offer a few sessions a year for my senior models for the year which are mostly free and will include a few digital images in the deal. If pricing is a really big concern for you, do not let that stop you from calling.

I have two main options on pricing; we can work with a sitting fee or a retainer. Both are non-refundable, the sitting fee offers a lower entry point than the retainer but the complete amount of the retainer goes as a credit towards your purchase of images (digitals or prints). My usual sitting fee for a full session starts on the $250; the retainer for the exact same session will be on the $450 -which will go all towards your purchase on images.

I offer several packages for senior pictures including combinations of digital images and products. Packages start at $1200 and go up from there. You will have the opportunity to customize your package adding or subtracting images or products as you like and as better fits your budget.

Please continue reading to learn more about a few of the most popular sessions available for your senior pictures or call the studio to request a free consultation over the phone.

There are plenty of options we can work with to fit your budget, just give us a call to discuss.

Senior Pictures Locations at Cinco Ranch High School 2021

The Cinco Ranch High School area offers multiple locations around the school for great outdoor photoshoots including the surrounding lakes and La Centerra, which we can use to give your images an urban feeling.




High School Sport Portraits

I expect this season of senior pictures to bring a lot of young athletes to my studio for photos. If your kid has been actively practicing high school sports, then we will dedicate a part of the senior photoshoot to portray them on their favorite uniform and try a few poses based on the sport itself.

One of the many benefits of a studio session is that allows you to truly try a variety of changes of clothes including the sport jersey and their uniform. All kids enjoy the idea of being portrayed at the sport they like. I use the type of lighting and posing techniques used for sport magazines to provide them with amazing images they can blast on their favorite social media or print as original graduation announcements.


As part of the products and services we offer at the studio, we have the expertise and tools to design beautiful announcements made to look just like the cover page of your favorite sport magazine but all of my packages include digital files for those parents that enjoy getting this part done by themselves.

Digitals vs Products

I include digital files on excellent printable resolution (300 DPI) on all my packages and deals. My images are ready to print for most of the personal applications you will use them for including graduation announcements, thank you notes, family albums, prints, canvases, etc...

I also offer the possibility to create all those products for you by working with my selected vendors which I have tested and vetted myself. I work with about fifteen (15) vendors on a wide range of products from just prints to large pieces of wall art sold as fine art produced with archival inks and with collectable value. The decision on what you want to purchase is yours.

My one recommendation on products is this: If your DIY project involves a small enough budget and you do not care about having to try a few times before getting it right, then it is ok to do it yourself. On the opposite side, if the project you are going for is a very expensive piece, then let me help you. I will get it right the first time and your money will be well invested.

Call the studio to request a free call back for consultation; we will call you within 24 to 48 hours or complete an appointment request by clicking on any of the "Book" or "Book Now" buttons on this page.

Design unique graduation announcements made to look just like the cover of your favorite sport magazine

Senior Pictures Locations at Katy High School 2021

Most of my sports photos are done at my studio location but we can arrange shoots at popular spots on the Katy downtown area to celebrate your Katy  Tigers spirit.





Performing Arts & Young Artists

Photography itself is a visual art. It is an art of light and shadows which many times focus on human expression and our potential to create. Curiously enough, we photographers thrive on our art when our focus is those practicing performing arts. I truly love to work with young performing artists whatever they are on their field as a hobby or seriously following their call.

We can transform a senior photoshoot for a young singer or musician into a great cover photo for their band or solo album. Likewise, those studying acting will enjoy choosing a favorite or inspiring leading actor or actress and working with me on a fashion photoshoot following the style of their chosen inspiration.

The power behind the options above comes from a combination of the work done during the photoshoot, where we will use studio lighting and fashion modeling techniques, and a lot of work behind scenes to create a digital composition which will be both unique and original.

Because of the additional planning needed to produce these much elaborated images, any package including digital composition will have a pre-planning session done in advance before the actual shooting. This will also require some extra work on the family and the student on the logistics and preparation but it is all very well worth it and fabulous experience.

Digital Retouching

A word to share on digital retouching: All my images, it does not matter the session, include the post production and digital retouching work on their pricing. By the time we present you with your images, they will be ready to print and enjoy and that includes the digital retouching of small details.

If after looking at your images you still want to retouch something, we will usually be able to accommodate without additional charges.

If you want to learn more about digital composition and creative photography for senior pictures, please call the studio. You can also submit an appointment request on this page to receive a call back.

The power behind these unique images comes from the work done during the photoshoot and lots of behind scene digital retouching

Performing Arts at Tompkins High School 2021

Tompkins has a strong program in the performing arts area and has put forward some very nice performances on the last couple of years. I am looking forward to reconnect this year with all these young artists.



Headshots. Looking Forward.

A recent addition to my senior pictures packages has been to apart a little bit of time during the session for a business like portrait, a business headshot to be more specific. If you want to really dive on my work on this area of portrait photography just go to the business portraits section on this website.

However, the short story is that your kid will very soon need a nice and strong headshot for either college applications or job hunting. I want to help you get the most of the session and want to help your kiddo stand the best chance on whichever path he or she chose to follow.

There are some serious stats behind the fact that applications with good profile photos have a better chance of acceptance. Your kids' headshot will many times be the first impressions your kid will make on an examiner, even before anyone start reading their essays.

If you are interested on adding the headshot to your specific session, just mention that during the pre-consultation over the phone and we will make a note to get this done as well.


Your kids' headshot is the first impression he or she will make, even before anyone start reading their essays



Natural Light and Outdoors Photos

I opened this section of my website with a few words on natural light and wanted to close on the same topic. By now you have already read a lot about studio lighting vs natural light and I am sure you are considering the benefits of having both on your session, why not?

The one time we cannot shoot both, studio and natural light photos, is when we aim for a full outdoors session. If you are looking for a specific location, park, city spot or area you want your kid to be portrayed on, then that will narrow the possibilities of shooting on studio that very same day. It is just a matter of the logistics and the fact we all will be very, very tired to make two long sessions the same day any productive.

If you are looking for a full outdoor photoshoot session, then that is not a problem at all. I do enjoy working outdoors as well because it brings alive the setting. If you are looking for recommendations, I will suggest a few places around Katy that I use frequently and which I know work well for the photos. If you have a specific spot in mind, then I will visit the place in advance (a week before your shoot) just to check what areas I like the most and the lighting conditions around the time of the day we will be working there.

Outdoor sessions have a larger fee due the logistics of us moving our team there and the additional time it will take us to get there. This full outdoor sessions have an additional non-refundable bad weather fee that will be lost if we were forced to reschedule the shoot due the weather.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call my studio to schedule a free consultation over the phone. You just need to leave your contact information with the team at my answering service and we will return your call within 24 to 48 hours. We can also call you back the same day, if you need a faster response -just let the folks taking your call know that you need a same day call back.

If you are looking for suggestions on outdoor locations, I can recommend a few places around Katy that I use frequently 

Senior Pictures Locations at Seven Lakes High School 2021

The area around Seven Lakes High School has some of the nicest lakes on this part of town and also a few very nice bridges we can use to frame our shots.