Studio Business Portraits. Pros and Cons.

Today I want to tell you about full body and half-body studio business portraits and some of the pros an cons of these types of images.

​A full body portrait, standing up or sitting, is a good complement for your headshot and can be used on multiple pieces of marketing from your website to flyers and brochures. However, these larger images will not work very well for LinkedIn and other digital platforms as profile pictures just because the real estate on those platforms is very limited and even a half-body portrait will need to be cropped to make your face visible to the users.

The fact that many times your image will render in a mobile device also makes full body portraits too tiny to be effective at communicating with your audience. Regardless, there is still room to use this tool in your advertising.

These types of images are a little bit more traditional on the business world and we will usually portrait you on a very nice suit or other formal attire. Lawyers and professionals in the financial and real estate industries look to broadcast their position and expertise thru the strong impression provided by their most formal look.

Though we can shoot these images on a natural light setting, the power and options provided by the full studio setup is much better since the right lighting can help reinforce your posture and overall look to stress strength or openness depending on your preference.



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