Senior Pictures

Life is all about changing and challenges. While some folks just naturally flow thru high school, the majority of us mortals went thru happiness and sadness, friendship and loneliness, love and broken hearts. It has been a long time since my senior year, but I remember it all very well. After all these years and thru all that change, I have become a seasoned professional photographer with three kids of my own, one of them already a senior at college.

It does not matter if you have a boy or a girl. Most kids feel very strong about what they like or dislike. The yearbook and other photography done at the school are based on a business model with focus on quantity which cares little for quality. Do not let those portraits be the only portraits you have of your kid this year.

I work with students from all Katy ISD high schools including Tompkins, Seven Lakes, Cinco Ranch and Katy High School between others. I have portrayed young athletes at all these schools and at many sports but your kid does not need to be an athlete to have wonderful portraits.

Continue reading more about #seniorpictures on this blog, or call me to discuss ideas and pricing over the phone. You can also check my page about Natural Light Photography.

High school senior photo of a girl on outdoors

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