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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

To put it simple: Your headshot is your single most powerful marketing impression. It says it all. It will be seen multiple times for your clients and colleagues. Your headshot will be seen every time you post in social media, on your every email (at your signature or as your Outlook/Google profile pic), on your website and on many more media and times than those you can keep count of.

From a photographer's perspective, a headshot is both: The simplest and the more challenging of all portraits. It is the simplest portrait because there is no posing the body and fighting the multiple distractions of a full body portrait. It is the most complex portrait, because the exact same reasons: It is not all about saying "cheese".

As I work on a headshot, attention is fully on my client's every expression. We discuss their professional field and what combinations of personality and skills are more important for their target audience. Whatever that target audience is retail market or your corporate stakeholders.

Does your portrait need to be about strength and confidence or about openness and creativity? Do you work at law enforcement or in sales? Are you an individual professional or do your work for a large international company? As photographers, we do much more than just mastering the beauty of light and the complexity of our gears and digital retouching tools.

In addition to a good headshot you would like to consider a good environmental portrait, which it's a half-body or full body portrait within the environment of you work: At your office, at the hospital, at the fire station, etc... These types of workplace portraits are a strong image for your branding and show you as the subject matter expert you are.

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