Professional Photography. Part II.

Since you probably have already read my intro to the topic of portrait photography, I'll focus my attention now on a few key points: Experience, Consistency and Personal Branding.

Experience: The one word that makes a world of difference in the field of professional photography -and in any other highly competitive field. It is just because of our uniqueness as human beings. Each client is different; there are not two of us alike. Our unique features, gestures and attitude come all together in a portrait and because of that it is really important that your photographer understands how to deal with the specific treats that makes you, you.

My work as a photographer is to introduce you to your audience; to those that will see you thru your headshot as the professional you are. I have been introducing professionals, young and seasoned, to their audiences for years. It is a job I enjoy and which requires me to learn about the subject of my portraits, you. I enjoy learning about other fields of work and learning about the folks that work on our town supporting the many industries of the region while I portray them on the jobs they do for our communities.

Consistency: I read once a quote that went something like this: "Amateurs train hard to get that one perfect shot; professionals train hard so they never miss a shot". I can deliver on my promises. That is the results of years of practice, strong discipline and constant learning on the ever evolving field of photography and video.

Personal Branding: A business portrait is about your branding. That truth is applicable regardless of the field you work and regardless of the type of company or clients you work for. As you keep exploring the information below about the multiple options for your personal branding, please make a mental note of anything you like and any questions that come to your mind.

A point to keep in mind is to see your business portrait as the investment on your marketing that this type of shots truly are. You will have a ROI (Return on Investment) over the three to five years period between now and your next business portrait. Whatever budget you have set apart for your marketing, it should account for your personal branding.

Another key consideration is to look for a set of images instead of one single headshot. I offer both options: a quick and simple headshot or a fully dedicated Personal Branding Session. And there are options in between, too. The right session for you depends on a few factors including how comfortable you feel in front of a camera and what media and channels you usually target to reach your audience.

The very final consideration is that time goes only in one direction. We will not get any younger or leaner tomorrow. I will help you pose and look your best regardless of your age, body type or any other aspect of you that you might be concerned with. I also have full control of the post-production and digital editing process (yes, I use Photoshop and the whole software toolkit offer by Adobe).

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