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Professional Photography. Part IV.

The success of any business, small or large, is directly tied to the business ability to sell their products and services. Your revenue and your profit are the driver behind the economic engine of your business. Of course, your ability to sell depends on getting the customer to your door (or your website, or both). It is in this central aspect of your business: Sales & Marketing, where a professional commercial photographer can make a world of difference.

Your marketing is the connection between your products, services and ideas and your market and clients. Having professional images to support your advertising and promotion is a must in these days of strong competition and wide digital access.

Your potential clients will google your name, will find your business listing or website and the very first impression of your business will be made by the media and assets you have in those sites. How do you want your clients to meet your products -and to meet you, for first time?

There is only one opportunity to make a first impression. Let me help you as photographer to make strong first impressions. The right media and collateral can truly make your conversion rate go up and transform leads into sales.

You don't need a large budget. It is just a matter of finding the right professional team to help you maximize your ROI. As a commercial photographer, I have the skills and capabilities to help you boost your sales and help you succeed in your marketing.

One of the benefits of working with me is the fact that I have control of all three core aspects of the photographic process: I have full control of the photography, the editing process, and the production process. I offer a broad variety of final products from my list of tested and vetted vendors.

Call the studio to arrange a free consultation over the phone or at your location. You can also use the booking option on this page to make an appointment or ask a question. I will look forward for an opportunity to meet you and help you succeed on your business.



We are a small premium photography studio located in Katy, Texas. A women owned business, family operated, with a strong can-do attitude and the experience to work on large and small projects. As a Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America, I bring to the table the ability to teamwork on multiple fields of the photography and video industry to help you meet the deadlines and expectations of your stakeholders.

We carry commercial insurance and have an excellent safety record in the road and in the air, besides the capabilities to work in our studio or at your location -wherever your field operations are located. Additionally, our international background and longtime participation in the Houston community allow us to bridge the challenges of working with / and for international and domestic audiences. We are bilingual, Spanish-speakers with roots in Latin America and the USA. All of which make us a great choice to reinforce your creative team.

We are also a Federal Aviation Administration authorized Operator under the regulations of 14 CFR part 107 with the ability to provide aerial photography and video.

On regards of post-production, our expertise in the area of digital editing (Adobe Creative Suiteallows us to offer an additional layer of control in the final results of the media we produce and adds to the key competencies you will bring to your team when working with us.

Finally, we are also familiar with the latest trends on Agile Project Management and Lean, which ensures a smooth and quick introduction to your business environment with focus on delivering results while cooperating in sharing incremental learning with your internal teams.

If you want to learn more about us or have a specific project or questions in mind, please feel free to call the studio to connect with us and arrange an over the phone or on location consultation. My Answering Service works 24/7 and we reply to all messages as soon as possible.

I bring to the table the ability to teamwork in multiple fields of the photography and video industry



There are two important points I want to share with you from a small business owner to another:


(1) You do not need to spend a lot of money into your marketing but you do need to spend some money every year (from a few hundred to a few thousands): Your media (photos and video) is the core of your marketing. It is much better to make a few well-targeted impressions aimed at the core of your market than many poor and cheap impressions going to the wrong audience. That is the reason why you need a professional photographer as much as you need a good sales team.

A commercial photographer will help you understand the possibilities to produce great photos and video that will get the job done and will help you boost your sales and improve your conversion rate. I have a large database of my own made local stock photography from Katy, Fulshear and Houston areas depicting our city, communities and people. This allows me to offer an affordable entry point for anyone looking to make strong impressions in the local market.

(2) Do not cut corners in your marketing. A spontaneous video feed on your favorite social media it's a great tool to connect with your audience in the spot and naturally, but a poorly made intro video for your website, shot with your cell phone and barely audible, it's a mistake. And at that, a BIG mistake.

Your online media it is going to become more and more your very first contact with potential customers and these days customers find lots and lots of options in their devices. Those companies with the best photos and video are usually the ones that will capture the clicks needed to drive customers to their "digital" doors.

As additional reading on first impressions, you may want to read my article in the section of Portrait Photography and in particular about Business Portraits & Headshots.

If you are hesitant on what to do with your marketing, please give us a call to the studio. We'll talk to you from small business owner to small business owner.

A commercial photographer will help you understand the possibilities



Video Projects

High definition video (HD Video) has progressively become more affordable as a tool to reach customers with meaningful content thru social media and institutional websites. Moreover, for younger customers it has become an expectation.

Short videos are ideal for institutional websites or social media campaigns. It is easier to capture and retain the audience's attention with a short, well-calculated video than asking your customers to read thru lots of information to get it.


Featured Project: Fundraising

This video played a key role in the fundraising campaign that made possible for these children to seize the opportunity to participate in one of the most prestigious events in the planet for the not so well-known sport of Jump Rope.

Brief: Children, parents and coaches make their case thru a well-paced video and natural storytelling.

Duration: 5.19 mins including credits.

Featured Project: Business Case

A simple and inexpensive technique to make your business case clear to your target audience, transform photography into a modern and neat video slideshow MP4 format.

Brief: Learn about the economics behind the industry of staging homes for sale.

Duration: 2.28 mins.

I can help you develop and find your message thru Q&A interview sessions that feel natural and quickly open the space to share the customer testimonials while adding a personal factor of authenticity with powerful emotional impact. Call the studio to talk with us about your project and receive a tailored estimate.


Video testimonials are a strong tool to convert leads into sales