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The Glamour Photoshoot

While absolutely everyone is welcome to try one of my Glamour VF Sessions, I am certainly aiming for women who never have had the time to think on themselves until now and want to consider the possibilities of working with a professional photographer. The photo shoot sessions last anywhere between 45 minutes to a couple of hours depending on what we want to try and achieve.

My session includes makeup and hair done at the studio. I partner with some of the very best makeup artists in town, which opens lots of creative possibilities. You will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of possible makeup options with the very best products in the market. We will discuss together what to use with your tone of skin and color of hair, dress and overall setting.

The photo shoot is an opportunity to try new night dresses mixing elegance with style and sensuality, looking for anything you ever wanted to try. During the days before your photo shoot, it is a great idea to do some shopping around for anything nice you want to try. You can share options with me and ask for advice -emails will usually work best.

A particular great combination for these glamour sessions is to bring someone else you care about with you and share the experience. It could be anyone you truly care for. A daughter, a sister, a best friend, anyone. I can accommodate up to three people in one session, I just need to know in advance to book enough time for everyone.

All the work done at the session will be cover by a Sitting Fee, and you will later return to the studio to look at your finalized images during the Design Session. My prices include digital editing (Photoshop) and all my packages include digital files on printable quality.

Pricing & Scheduling

The sessions above is covered by a sitting fee which goes from $250 to $750 depending on a few factors. Please call the studio to receive a better estimate based on your specific needs. Packages for images start on $1,200 and go up from there. I have multiple options in products including prints on several sizes, frames, canvases and more.


You will need to schedule your shoot in advance as there is usually more demand than available spots on any given month. If you have some flexibility in your schedule and do not mind to book well in advance, I will happy to boost your deal to include a few extra images or a free upgrade.


Please call the studio to schedule a free consultation over the phone. My answering service works 24/7, you can call anytime. I look forward to hearing from you and to have an opportunity to meet you in person. 

My Glamour VF Sessions include makeup and hair done at the studio